Saturday, December 1, 2007

a charlie brown Christmas

December is here. The ground is covered with snow, the temperatures are f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g cold and Christmas will be here before you know it.

So today we decided to go out and get our Christmas tree. Check this out...isn't it gorgeous?

Okay, that you're done ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I admit that it's not actually our tree (not that I probably fooled any of you). Check out the real 'sneak-peek' of our tree:

And even that may be slightly leading you astray....if you look below you will see our tree in all of its stark, naked glory. Pretty puny, hey? Joelle chose it. She was hooked on this tree and had no interest in any of the other ones. Conveniently, it was also the cheapest tree (shocking, I know), and seeing the excitement and awe in her face made it totally worth it. I'll have plenty of opportunites later in life to have 'the perfect tree'...for now, if this is what makes my girls happy then so be it!

I actually thought about a 'Friends' episode during our tree-picking excursion (hey -- I'm at home by myself on a Saturday night with NOTHING on TV, so I'm having a 'Friends' marathon, okay?) and I thought that Phoebe would be very happy that we took this little guy home instead of one of the 'beefier' options. One year, Joey had a job at a tree-selling place and when Phoebe was visiting him at work she found out that the sickly-looking ones that didn't get sold ended up in the...gasp...chipper. She made some unsuccessful attempts to sell off the unfortunate trees in order that they would escape their otherwise deadly demise and have the opportunity to fulfill their "Christmas destiny". After her failed attempts, she resigned herself to the fact that she couldn't save these poor trees. In the end, the 'friends' surprised her by filling up Monica & Rachel's apartment with all of the sickly trees that nobody bought. Sigh...what a hapy ending!

Anyway, back to our tree...the girls had a lot of fun putting on the decorations. If you'll notice the picture of Malia, she kept putting hers all on the same poor branch.

And here is Joelle putting on the finishing touch...the beautiful snowflake (I have a feeling that starting next year we'll have to let Malia take a turn too -- but for now, she doesn't think she's missing out on anything, so the privilege belongs solely to Joelle).

And here is the finished product...not too bad, hey? A little scraggly looking -- but it was decorated with love and laughter. And that's good enough for me!
Here are just some pictures that Joelle took of Les and I in front of the tree (well, sort of in front of the tree...her photography skills could use some brushing up...).

I hope you all enjoy getting ready for the wonderful, blessed Christmas season!


Leeann said...

I need to find the time to haul out our tree! It's normally done by this time of year, but...this year has been crazy!
(And I like your tree! Too cute!)

Anonymous said...

how adorable. great pictures, beautiful tree and lots of love in your home...nothing better than that. an2

ValleyGirl said...

Cute pix. I think 2-yr olds must always decorate only one branch. Both my girls did that, too -- the youngest is still not completely out of that phase, but under the watchful eye of her older sister, I think there's only one branch that has more than one ornament!!

Pam said...

you are so right - it isn't really how the tree looks, it is the love and laughter that went into it! great pictures! thanks for sharing!

Margo said...

I think a tree such as yours has the most true beauty. Good for you for allowing it to be the girls' masterpiece. I remember when our trees were heavily decorated on the bottom, but now all three kids can reach higher than me, so it's pretty balanced. Something our kids used to enjoy was stringing Fruitloops and draping them on the tree. Today is our tree decorating party. We still make it a big deal ~ music, special foods, etc. You've inspired me to get out the photo albums and reminisce about our trees of old.

Ruth said...

i think your tree is perfect.
in every way.

Sharon said...

I have never seen ornaments hung with ribbon. Cool. I like the look. We use the little metal hooks-this year they were green. They get all jumbled up in a pile and it is kind of like unhooking a necklace once it is all jumbled.
I like your tree. This year we went with gold and red bulbs. I thought they were glass when I bought them(the others are in storage) and then when Julia putting them on the tree we realized they were plastic. Well at least they look like glass and they won't break.
Fun that your whole family got involved. Keith and Michael put it in the stand for me and the rest is up to the girls.
Nice pictures.

Rebecca said...

Cute tree & fun pictures! At least Joelle didn't chop off your heads right?

Louise said...

That is AWESOME!!
LOVE The pictures!