Thursday, December 20, 2007

an early Christmas present

Regina has blessed me with this special gift -- and all I can say is a huge "THANK YOU". It came on a day when I really needed some uplifting and encouragement. You can click here to read the really sweet things she wrote about me.

And since it is better to give than to receive, I am passing this award on. Leeann -- I would like you to have this. Your blog is a constant source of honesty and love. You all should drop by her blog and read about this amazing woman. She really is an inspiration and an encouragement. From shaving her head in support of her Mom who is struggling with cancer, to her desire to be a nurse to new mothers and their babies, to her struggles -- and j-o-y-s -- of being a mother of 4 little sweethearts...I always look forward to see what she has written next.


Sharon said...

Congrats girl!
You are a treasure!

WorksForMom said...

I agree, you truly are a treasure Andrea.

Kellan said...

Congratulations on this great award and to Leeann also - I love her site also. And ... you are a treasure! See ya. Kellan

Leeann said...

thank you so much! what a wonderful person you are. i love coming to "visit" and seeing what new escapades you have been up to. (aww, who am i kidding...i like to come look at pictures of your lunch!) LOL