Saturday, December 29, 2007

ummm...okay, so i guess i have a fettish

I l-o-v-e purses. But I guess it's probably obvious from this picture.

I have quite a collection of bags in several sizes, styles and colors (these are only the ones I found in my closet, I think there's more in the basement somewhere). Les makes fun of me every time I bring home a new one.

Hey -- it's an accessory that I carry with me on a daily basis. I need to spice things up every once in awhile!

Besides, it needs to suit my current needs. Sometimes I'll think I need a bigger one, only then I soon realize that the bigger it is the more junk can fit in it. So I'll get a smaller one, only to discover that it's too small and nothing can fit in it!

Then there's the way it closes. It might be the perfect size but it doesn't take long for me to decide that I don't like just having a snap in the middle; I want a zipper. So I'll get one with a zipper, but I'll wish that it had the two separate compartments like the previous one had...and on and on it goes.

The black bag front and center of the abve photo is the newest addition to my ever-growing collection. We'll see how long I last with this one! It has a zipper and two compartments and is a middle-sized one...sounds perfect.

But is it? Time will tell...


Pam said...

I love it! Sounds like me and shoes...Gary has made fun of me for having so many black shoes. He claims because they are all black- they are all the same. I set him straight! You need to get a custom made bag so you can have all the pockets, etc that you want and wish for. Don't feel badly...we all have our things!

Anonymous said...

If it isn't perfect for you, pass it on to me! LOVE it! :o)

I have a thing for purses too! Bennie only complains if it's one that his hand won't fit into! LOL

Rebecca said...

I like the shiny new black one, hope it is good to you!

Kellan said...

Yes ... always in search of the most perfect bag - I know the feeling. Have a good time with all of yours - Kellan

Ruth said...

you are funny! i used to have that problem. but now, i am STRICTLY a diaper bag lady.
and that's ok with me.

i have a back pack cuz it's easier to cart around while totting a toddler. :)

Pamela said...

Some have too many purses, some too many shoes...I have too many dishes! I can`t resist a new plate or bowl when I see it will make a great back drop for food pics, lol! Enjoy your purses!

Melanie said...

I have this exact same problem with purses. They are always too big or too small. I got a new one for Christmas and I'm hoping that it will be just right.