Friday, January 11, 2008

four going on...fourteen??

Joelle came into my room at 8:07 this morning. And she was f-i-n-a-l-l-y ready to head downstairs at 8:35am. And what was she doing for those 28 long minutes?

Deciding what to wear!

What?? When did I suddenly become a mother to a teenager?!? She first wanted to wear her pink button-up shirt, then it was a purple-striped zip-up sweater. Oh, but then she found her monkey t-shirt that she wanted to wear o-v-e-r the purple sweater. I told her she had to rather wear it underneath, otherwise it would stretch if she wore it over the bigger sweater. So she decided she would rather save the monkey t-shirt "always just for summer time." So the purple-striped-zip-up sweater makes a re-appearance (so far this is all being done with her pajama bottoms still on).

Okay, so the top is now decided -- or so I would naively like to believe. Next step: the bottoms. She disappears back into her room for several minutes and re-appears yet again...this time wearing her dressy new skirt that she got for Christmas...and yes, her Joelle-tards!

I suggested to her that she should rather save that for Sunday morning instead of sporting it on a Friday where we are all just staying at home all day long. Surprisingly, she didn't argue too much. She decided she would just put on some jeans instead. Good call.

She bounded back into my room wearing jeans -- never mind the fact that they are about an inch and a half too short on her! -- and the purple-striped-zip-up sweater. Finally. Ready to go.

Or not.

"Mom...I think I rather want to wear my pink Barbie shirt with the big red flower on it."

Boy, are we in trouble when she actually is a teenager!


Regina said...

How much fun was that!? You better cherish this time because when she is a teenager those clothing changes will come with a request for a credit card and a ride to the nearest mall!

Melanie said...

That is too funny!
I love what Regina said, it reminds me that when I was a teenager I refused to ever wear the same outfit during each entire school year.

Xandra said...

Oh my! She sounds so much like my daughter Grace! Joelle-tards! Out of the mouths of babes....

Sharon said...

Julia has not gone through this. Wonder what the deal is.
Now she does enjoy changing her ear rings.
We have three more years until we are in the true teen phase--maybe she is saving it up for then.;)

Kellan said...

Nip it in the bud right now!!!!! I am telling you!! Alexis is 6 - been doing this since she was at least 4 and she is out of control now! It gets old really fast - but I love hearing the story of your little teenager - very cute story! Have a good weekend. Kellan

Pam said...

It sounds like me getting dressed! That is too funny! I make Ashlyn pick her clothes out at night so we don't go through this in the mornings or I would NEVER get out the door. She is the same way!

Pam said...
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Pam said...

Like the other Pam, I have trouble finding what to wear in the am too! And of course with having a babe lately it doesn't help that I have been many sizes in the past year :(
I wonder if it will get easier once Joelle gets older?? Here's hoping!
PS Tag your it :)

Anonymous said...

So, a few minutes ago Jessica comes out of her room asking my opinion on what to wear today/tomorrow. I showed her your blog and she said, "Nice...I like that girl". Yup, Joelle is officially a pre-teen.

Margo said...

Sorry, "anonymous" is me.

Leeann said...

it's a four year old thing. Mine was going through 6-7 outfits a day, till I put all her clothes at the top of her closet.