Saturday, January 19, 2008

is this weird, or is it just me?

Regina tagged high-fived me for a Hoopla earlier this week. I am to list 7 weird things about myself. I don't know if these things are all weird, necessarily -- but here they are:

1. I have a strong dislike for camping. The bugs, the sleeping in a tent (or even a pop-up camper), with no escape from the heat, etc. It just is NOT my thing. Les, on the other hand, is a huge outdoors guy and my girls seem to be following in his footsteps.

Lucky for me, two summers ago, Les started a father-daughter tradition though, so HE gets a camping weekend and I get to stay home! So far he's only taken Joelle with him, but this next summer (once she's potty-trained) Malia gets to go too.

That's right...that means A WEEKEND ALL BY MYSELF.

2. I am scared of heights. And that includes ferris wheels! Les and I take the girls to a nearby family amusement park every year and we always fight over who has to go on the ferris wheel! The first year we both took our turns, but this last year I got out of it completely! We went with my sister and brother-in-law and both of them (and Les) took turns. Yay for me!!

3. I l-o-v-e Pepsi. Oh wait -- that's nothing weird. Or new. You've all heard about that a thousand times!

Moving right along...

4. I did a french braid for the 1st time on Thursday. Okay, I admit -- this picture if from today's braid (my second attempt), but the first one looked almost as good as this one.

5. When the movie Titanic came out, I had an obsession with it. Of course part of the reason was that I was SO in love with Leonardo DiCaprio at the time. But I loved it for other reasons too.

Anyway...for your enjoyment and amusement, I have included two poses that I did to re-create some scenes from the movie.

In my defense, these pictures were taken when I was living with my 3 wonderful roommates nearly ten years ago. They brought out the 'crazy' in me!

This picture to the left is obviously the "I'm flying" scene where Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are at the front of the boat...I'm just missing the handsome guy standing behind me, otherwise it's a complete replica!

And this delightful pose is the G-rated version of Kate Winslet while she is being drawn by Leonardo.

(Yes, I am brave to be sharing these rediculous pictures with all of you!)

6. When I was in the early months of pregnancy with Malia, I would often eat these Lipton Cup-a-Soup' know, when it was the only thing I could eat that didn't make me want to throw up!!

(I happened to see a box of this still in my pantry today, so I thought I'd try some for turns out, I'm not so much a fan anymore -- it brings me back to that nauseous time in my life...I think I'll pass on this from now on...)

7. I have a tremendous fear of wind. I have had a few too many close calls with tornados (including this experience which did damage to our garage this past summer). Combine that with the close call I had when I was in grade 5 at our church camp and Les' close call when he was tenting -- only a few short days after the garage experience -- and my wind-phobia is here to stay!!


Kellan said...

These were all so interesting!!! I particularly loved the Titanic poses - too cute!! I also prefer Pepsi to Coke and am also fearful of heights. I will go camping, but only if there is electricity for my fan, TV, radio or heater - and don't think I don't take my blowdryer either. If they want me along - I have to have electricity! Take care and have a good Sunday Andrea. See ya. Kellan

Pam said...

That was fun to read- I am so glad that you shared! I love that you share things from your 'crazy' past with your roommates. I am not a camping fan either and though I have had no close calls with tornado - I do not like myself. No wonder we get along so well. (oh, and I love pepsi too!)

Have a great day!!

Lisa said...

The Titanic pictures are definite keepers! LOL

Looks like you've got some serious braiding skills! Rosie would never let me braid hers. Another good reason to keep her hair cut short.

Thanks for sharing! I'm enjoying getting to know you!

Jamie said...

All great! Yes, you're brave to post those wonderful poses, so funny! I too hate the wind. I get a little frightened when it becomes too gusty, but I also feel it has been responsible for ruining many a beautiful summer day.

Leeann said...

Okay, I loved that. We really could be "real friends". I may have to steal this idea for a day with no inspiration!

lisa's chaos said...

I think you might be weird enough to be normal. Except for the pepsi thing, you need your head examined. :)

PS _Titanic wasn't 10 years ago already was it? Oh my, I'm getting soooo old. :(

Sharon said...

Very interesting!
I felt the same way about Titanic. I did not have the crush but I have always been enthralled with the story of this ship. And I was married at the time this version came out so the romance of the story also appealed to me.
And the pictures--too funny!
And as far as the camping--I don't mind doing this in our camper because it has air conditioner. And did you know that I lived in our camper for almost 7 months after we tore our house down. Yes, nothing like camping 24/7. :)
I am enjoying my house now--yes, even if it is a rental.
Enjoy your weekend--I do. When hunting season comes around I get those weekends too.
So see? You are not so weird. :)

Melanie said...

I thought this was a really interesting post. This was actually a pretty fun meme.

Livin' With Me

Pam said...

Tag! You're It! Check out my blog- this one is easy!

tommie said...

visiting from "Mamma Geeks"....

love the flying pics, great sense of humor! The camping trip sounds like a great idea. I might have to suggest that one to Husband!

Jenn said...

The Titanic pics are so funny. I was also a major fan. I think I saw it in the theatre at least four times and then I had a Titanic party the day it came out for sale.
So I would not say it's weird! I also love Pepsi and am deathly afraid of heights.

andrea said...

you are a funny girl. you found those pictures. that totally made me laugh. is that why you coloured your hair red to be like Kate...? we should have a day looking through those terribly funny almost made me i think i'm a range of emotions this morning. thanks for sharing.

Xandra said...

I don't know if we can be friends now...Pepsi?! Come on! :)

I have the same experience with Nature Valley granola bars. They kept me from throwing up when I was PG, but now just make me want to hurl.

Loved reading about all of your fun quirks...

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Andrea! Even I didn't know all those details about you! And just for the record, I'm not really scared of heights, but tinker town's ferris wheel is scary! I went on it this past summer with Olivia, who clung to me and turned white as a ghost! I don't know if it was how fast it went (which it did) or that I'm getting older...