Wednesday, January 2, 2008

malia's mix-up

Huh. I wonder if Malia watches too much Barney.

Tonight while I was putting her to bed, I asked her what song she wanted to sing. She hummed and hawed about it, not seeming to be able to make up her mind.

So I suggested, "How about 'Jesus Loves Me'?" To which she smiled and nodded and then proceeded to break into song.

Silly me, I was expecting her to sing, "Jesus loves me, this I know...for the Bible tells me so..."

But what came out of her sweet little lips instead?

"I love love me..." (followed by some incoherent babble which I can only assume was "we're a happy family").

I laughed, she giggled. Then we started singing the real "Jesus Loves Me" song.

Ahhh...much better.


Mango Marie said...

How absolutely cute! I just love these precious little moments we share with our kids!

Sharon said...

How sweet.
Maybe she thinks Barney is someone in disguise.
We will hope this is not true.
How horrible to think he will be in eternity with us.

MamaGeek said...

Yep, that's another keeper. I'm a total sucker for kid-isms.

Lisa said...

How sweet! :o)

When Rosie was a baby, I put her in her playpen so that I could take a quickie shower. I heard her screaming bloody murder and ran... Naked and dripping to see what was wrong. It was Barney. LOL

Pam said...

Oh kids!! They are too sweet and very creative! Thanks for sharing!

I'm home with a sick baby today....darn ear infections!

Kellan said...

Yep - that big purple dinasaur has way too much power over our little kids! Cute story! See ya. Kellan

Regina said...

Huummm, Barney as Jesus ... very frightening!
Little kids are so cute, and sweet at that age!

Hazel said...

my son loves watching Barney also it's a nice show

Ruth said...


Melanie said...

Yup- too much Barney!

Totally adorable!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I actually don't let the girls watch Barney if I'm in hearing distance because I just find it beyond annoying. :) They know I don't like Barney and I think they find it funny.

Rebecca said...

lol My son used to watch Barney *all the time* - well any time I let him watch tv anyway. He liked that song and used to say I love you by saying "too" - like in the song. So cute! But I'm glad that we've pretty much moved out of the Barney stage...for now.

Leeann said...





Happens everytime I hear Barney.