Friday, January 11, 2008

my charming daughter

Malia woke up from her nap today with an especially magnetic charm about her.

I don't even know what was specifically different from other days, but I just could not get e-n-o-u-g-h of my sweet little cuddle-bug.

Unfortunately, she rather wanted to sit on her Daddy's lap than mine...but I couldn't stop kissing her, hugging her, doting on her and photographing her.

And then Les needed to leave to go run an errand. Joelle was playing with her friend next door, so it had already been just the 3 of us. And now Les was leaving and Malia wanted to go along. Normally I'm more than happy to send one -- or both -- of the girls along with their Daddy so I can have some alone time...especially at the end of a long, tiring day. But today...I tried fighting for Malia to stay!!

I told Les he should just quickly go on his own...he'd be back much faster. But Malia wouldn't hear of it. She was determined to go. I tried convincing Malia that we would do something fun and special here at home and that Daddy would be right back -- but it was no use.

She ran to the closet and started putting on her boots.

And away they hubby and my adorably-sweet daughter who I just wanted to keep with me a few minutes longer...and I'm left all alone.


At least I have "Friends" to keep me company...


Xandra said...

Love that photo! That's one of my favorite positions that babies that age get into...that half squat/hald standing thing they do. My thighs wouldn't last 5 seconds doing all that up and down!


Pam said...

I love that picture! She is quite precious. I agree- I usually long for daddy to take someone with him. But there are those days when I want to just cuddle up and keep them close.

Tot's Mom said...

A daddy's girl she is. Precious!

Andrea said...

That is SUCH a cute picture!! And I know what you mean...there are times when I just can't get enough of loving with and being with my son...but then again, he is a total mommies boy too!

Margo said...

Don't you just love when you REALLY adore your kids? Of course we moms always love our kids, but it's a special treat to "feel the love". Such a good mommy you are!! (Obviously daddy's not so bad either.)

Ruth said...

my little "daddy'sgirl" just left for a daddy/daughter date with each other. i think the destination was mcdonalds....which is pretty much heaven on earth in her opinion. :)

MamaGeek said...

A daddy's girl ALREADY?

Oh that shot is totally the money shot. You MUST frame it! I hope to get to the MEME soon (read: in 2008). :)

Melanie said...

She is such a precious little girl. I just love that picture!

Sharon said...

I remember when Julia wanted to start spending time with Keith. Sad, but I got some time to myself.
Now she is back and I have Paw Paw too. Enjoy girl!

Sweet picture.