Thursday, January 10, 2008

trying to keep up

It seems that whenever I do a post about receiving an award or two, I turn around and there's more waiting in the wings for me to accept. So to avoid falling way behind and so I don't forget who gave me what, I'm going to do another post for my most recent awards.

MamaGeek presented me with not one -- but two -- awards earlier this week. First is this "Blog Buddies Award" which I would like to pass on to Mango Marie and Pam from Can't Wait Till It's Over (she's a new blogger, so go on and give her a blogosphere welcome)...and... is the "You Lift Me Up" award. I have received this one back in October from someone else -- but I'll gladly take it again. Pam...this one has your name written all over it!

Thanks, MamaGeek!

Next is this one from Sharon. I assume this one started off as a New Year's award since it's for 2007...but hey -- it's not even half-way through January, so it still counts, right?? This one goes to Tot's Mom. She always has a post that gets you thinking.

And last -- but certainly not least -- is the "Blogaholics Anonymous" award. Well, this one is a bit different; it's more of a CLUB than an award.

And if you belong in this 'club' -- you know it! You don't need me to hand-pick who gets this.

Melanie actually created this club (ahem...well, her hubby made the button -- but the I-D-E-A was all hers!!) and she would love for you to join the club.

So...for those of you who aren't likely to pick up an award that wasn't specifically handed to you -- take it anyway. I could link everyone on my blog-roll, but it's much easier if you all just take it on your own (at least if you consider this button applicable to you and haven't already received it from somebody else). Just make sure you stop by Melanie's blog (click on the button to get there) and let her know you're joining the club!


Melanie said...

I'm so glad you're in the club!

Pam said...

I'm SO honored to have this award! Thank you!

I feel like you lift me up!

I'm excited about Melanie's club...I'm finally in with the cool kids..ha ha ha!

Pam said...

Your poll made me sad! I FEEL like I know you and I read that list and though, that would be great if I saw you at those place...then I had to click on - we only know each other through the computer :( boo hoo!

Anonymous said... are so sweet! Thank you for the award!

Sharon said...

I am having a hard time keeping up with the awards too.
And I am running out of space on the blog. So I made a post and put all the awards in it--then at the bottom of the blog I put a link to that post.I changed the date on the post to back in October sometime. No one is likely to venture on it unless they want to check out the link to the post.
I think I will do this in the future.
I will keep Melanie's button in my side bar and others like that.

Pam said...

My first award!! Thank you :)

Tot's Mom said...

I'm honored to receive this award. Even if it is 2007 or even 1997, I take it anytime! Thank you!

Regina said...

wow, nice collection you got going on there! Congrats on all your "Bling"!