Monday, March 3, 2008

meme monday

I tried to fight it. I really did. I turned Melanie's Meme Monday idea into Miscellaneous Monday to avoid using the word "meme." But then she went and came up with this cute button to go along with it, and I couldn't resist. I will still keep refering to my 'memes' as 'hooplas', but for the sake of these posts, I will re-name them "Meme Mondays."

Okay, now that we have that out of the way...I was high-fived by Pam for the following Hoopla. It wasn't easy, but I think I came up with some good answers.

5 things I want my kids to know:

1. How much I love them
2. No matter how much I love them -- God loves them even more
3. Your sister is your sister forever -- treat her like a best friend
4. I will always listen to what you have to say
5. Name calling is never nice

5 things you want to tell your children when they are grown up:

1. If a guy can't respect your wishes to 'wait', he doesn't really love you
2. You should always feel you can voice your own opinion, even if it's different from the crowd
3. Respect yourself -- you are worth more than diamonds!
4. What's on the inside is more important than what's on the outside
5. You are not fat or ugly! You are a beautiful woman made in God's image!

5 things you want to tell your child before you die:

1. You brought me more joy than you will ever know
2. I can't wait to see you in heaven
3. It's never too late to right any wrongs in your life.
4. Whenever you don't know what to do -- pray.
5. Be who you are, even if it goes against the trends.

5 things you want your child to know before she dies:

1. Love from a man who will treat her like she deserves to be treated
2. How it feels to be a mom
3. Even though I made a lot of mistakes as your Mom, I did the best I could.
4. You can't hide from God
5. Take responsibility for your actions

And next I was high-fived by Regina for this fun -- and super easy -- magazine cover hoopla. Check me out. I'm on the cover of a modeling magazine...who knew?!

It's really easy to do, just go to MagMyPic, plug in a picture of yourself and choose a magazine cover you want grace.Then:
1)Link back to the person who tagged you.
2)Tag as little or as many friends as you like, just make sure and tag somebody! Have Fun!!

As for the awards portion of these posts...I have made a decision that I hope will not offend anybody. I have thought long and hard about this and I have chosen to stop putting awards in my posts. If you choose to not give them to me anymore because of this, I understand.

If you're wondering my reasoning, there are a few different ones. But one of the main ones is that I find these awards keep getting handed out to the same people time after time which sort of makes them lose their meaning. Or they get given out to their whole blog-roll because people don't want anybody to be hurt if they weren't included. Another reason is that a large number of my readers are not bloggers, and I'd like to make my posts interesting and applicable to everyone who stops by rather than just those who also blog. So to try and avoid all of the above, among other reasons, is why I have come to this decision.

I am still wanting to display the awards I have received -- and any ones I may continue to receive -- in a special way to show my appreciation for being thought of and to give recognition to my fellow blogging friends; just in a different way. I saw on Regina's site that she put all of her awards in a slideshow at the bottom of her blog, and that is something I want to work on in the near future as well and then put it on my sidebar for you to view.

Hopefully this will be up and running before too long and that it will be adequate thanks to those of you who have blessed me with my awards.

Now, if anybody else wants to play along in Meme Monday, drop by Melanie's site to join the fun!


Xandra said...

Great idea for the awards...I always feel a little strange when I receive one and then post about it, like I'm bragging or something.

I think I might start doing that very same thing!


Jenn said...

You did a great job on the 5 things for your kids. I totally agree with all of them!

KC said...

Wonder Wonder answers to the 5 things for your children
Great Meme Monday

Melanie said...

I love your answers for the 5 things for your kids. I have to do mine too. You and Pam had such great answers that I have to wait a bit before I do mine.

I LOVE your idea for your awards. I totally agree with you. I have been considering the same thing. We all kind of have the same group of bloggy friends and we keep passing the same awards around and around. I have been feeling the same way, but like you I was afraid of hurting someones feelings by saying anything. I'm so glad you stood up and said something!

Ha- I'm glad you caved in and took my cute little button! Hee hee.

Oh, and I am going to do my "say what" hoopla, but I was tagged about 10 times last week and it was too much to do all in one post.

Don Mills Diva said...

I love that meme - you have so much strength and love in your wishes for your children.

Greatfullivin said...

I love all the things you want your children to know, you are a very wise mom. Great job. I also really like the idea of the slide show. Have a great monday!

Chuck said...

Love the kids answer. You're an angel! And, woah, step back Tyra Banks. What a great mag. cover. *Yippee* No worries on the awards thing. I've been thinking about the same thing. I want to make it special, but then I feel like I will offend others...Happy MM :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You aren't the only one that feels this way about awards. I do them still, but I do understand. Have a great MM. :)

storyteller said...

What wonderful answers to the High-Fives Meme! Your girls are fortunate to have such a wise (and glamorous) mom!
Hugs and blessings,

Pam said...

I loved your answers to the hoopla! You did great! Look at you with your beautiful magazine cover! you are a beautiful person inside and out!

I understand your award reasons. I have the hardest time handing mine out becuase I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! You are so sweet!

Kelly said...

Watch out Victoria Secret, New up and coming model on the runway!

I agree with all the awards, I think they are much more meaningful if they aren't forced and I like seeing something on someones blog and then deciding to do the activity myself. It makes it way more enjoyable. I pick and choose too.

Cricket's Hearth said...

I enjoyed reading your words of wisdom for your children.

Kellan said...

Your answers to this meme really touched me - they were marvelous and perfect!! You sound like such a wonderful person and a wonderful mom!

I have been giving the awards some thought too - I'm considering not posting about them anymore as well! Good for you! I have sort of stopped doing the memes - I just never seem to get around to them.

Have a good Tuesday Andrea - see you soon. Kellan

Louise said...

Those are great!!

Regina said...

Your cover is AWESOME! I love this meme and all the mag covers I have seen crossing the blogosphere! Thanks for playing along!
I love your 5 things answers!
peace & Love!

Tot's Mom said...

All the 5 things are a great read. The awards on the sidebar is also a good idea. I no longer pass on awards as well. I just list them out on a separate page.

MamaGeek said...

Wow, nice job on this one! And you could totally be a model. I couldn't even get on MAD magazine if I tried!

Lena said...

Cute button!! and a very sweet 5-things-meme :)

and you just ROCK on the cover!!