Saturday, May 17, 2008

blogoversary trilogy: part II

Here is the long awaited second installment of my Blogoversary Trilogy (you can see Part I here).

Do you ever contemplate quitting blogging? Or is that just me? :)
No. I sometimes feel like I don't have enough interesting things to say, but I know it's only a short phase and I'll get right back into it (and if all else fails -- collages are a good way to fill the silence). I love this form of journaling, and I don't know how I could ever let it go!

Is there anything in your life that you would have done differently (hindsight)?
I probably would have waited an extra year before having kids. Not that I'd want to trade my girls for anything in the world...but a little bit of extra time of 'freedom' and alone time with my hubby would've been a good thing, I think.

If you won a dream vacation to a fabulous place ( not too hot and truly perfect in your eyes) but you had to fly to it, would you be able to go?
I would like to think that I wouldn't be able to pass up an opportunity like that -- but I really doubt that I would actually be able to set foot on that airplane when the time came (much to Les' dismay).

What is the one meal that your family just loves when time and life get too busy?
Frozen pizza (with Pepsi -- of course!). And, if I'm not too lazy, a caesar salad makes a wonderful side dish.

What is your most memorable moment living on your own?
I couldn't possibly pick just one. Late-night trips to Perkin's, Roxette sing-alongs, crazy Sunday mornings with all 4 of us getting ready for church with one bathroom...the list could go on. I am definitely glad I had the experience of living on my own. It was unforgettable to say the least and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

What is the most romantic gesture your husband has done?
Uh...I have to say that my hubby isn't really all that romantic (and yes, he knows I'm writing that about him). He has his sweet moments -- like encouraging me to go out with a friend, or giving me a foot massage -- but I can't say that he really has come up with a big romantic gesture. Although, ocassionally he has come home with flowers -- for no reason -- including an extra flower for each of his daughters.

I want to put Courtney in swimming lessons but I don't know at what age to do that. What age did you start your girls?
We just started the girls this year. Malia is in a class for kids aged 6 months to 3 years old where she needs a parent with her at all times. And Joelle is in the next level where the parents phase out when the kids are ready to be on their own. It's never too early to start getting your kids used to the water. So go for it!!

What do you NOT blog about. What is OFF the table (if anything).
Yes, there are things that are 'off the table.' I have two peronal rules when it comes to blogging: Privacy & Respect. If what I am wanting to write does not follow these two rules, it does not get posted. As far as privacy goes...I do not post any pictures of anybody other than my hubby & kids unless I have asked for permission. I also don't share personal information about others without authorization either. And respect...I am big on this one. I don't believe in 'airing my dirty laundry' on my blog, nor dragging others through the mud. This is not my own personal lock & key diary that is for my eyes only. This is on the internet for the world to see, and I will not write anything about anybody that I would be uncomfortable about if I found out they happened to stumble across my blog. I do not bad-mouth people or spread rumours or gossip. Whatever I write on here, I have to be okay with anybody reading.

From your wedding, what part was your favorite?
Probably the pictures. I felt more beautiful than I ever have on that day, and it was so fun to feel like a model. I love looking back at those pictures and seeing my undeniable glow. Of course walking down the aisle with my Dad and the actual moment I became Les' wife were pretty special too!

For what in your life are you most grateful.
For the health of my kids. I hear of so many people who are dealing with sick kids, and I could NOT imagine having to deal with one of my beloved daughters going through something as horrible as cancer or something. I am thankful every day for the health of my girls.

If you were at a dinner party and were offered a dish you had never tried, would you want to taste it even if it sounded strange and not appealing?
Would I want to? Not a chance! I am not good with trying new things. I would rather fill up on bread and salad.

Whom do you admire most? In what way does this person inspire you?
I would have to say my Dad. This man is the most incredible husband and father in the entire world. I have only positive things to say about him. No, he's not perfect -- nobody is -- but he is patient, strong, hard-working, loving, encouraging, a man of God...the list could go on and on. And he has always loved me like his own biological child, and for that I will be eternally grateful. It is such a blessing to be called his daughter. He inspires me in the way that he treats his family. His number one goal is to see that he does whatever he can to make his family feel loved and cared for. When we were growing up, he did his very best to provide for us in the best way possible. We didn't have all the luxuries of some of our friends, but we never were without the essentials (and then some). And -- above all -- my Dad has always shown us respect.

Stay tuned next Saturday for the exciting conclusion of my Blogoversary Trilogy!


Anonymous said...

Loved the tribute to your Dad, He must be honoured to call you his daughter!

Margo said...

What a nice post ~ a great way for people to get to know you better. I really do appreciate your blog and the guidelines you have set for yourself. It's something we can enjoy reading, get a glimpse into your life, and always know that it will be positive and comfortable to read. And, an amazing journal for yourself to look back on in years to come. Thanks for sharing of yourself with us! Have a wonderful long weekend!

PamJ said...

I enjoyed reading that! That you for sharing :)

Pam said...

another great set of answers.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I enjoyed learning more about you today.
I too would have waited to have children....I got pregnant on our honeymoon. :o

Melanie said...

I am loving these posts! It is so fun to read your answers.

I wouldn't have wanted to wait before having Hailey- but what I wish is that I could have appreciated the freedom back when I had it.

I have a picture posted of me on my blog- hurry and come by and check it!

MamaGeek said...

Oh this was so much fun to read Andrea. I'm hoping your Dad reads this?

Regina said...

Some very interesting questions and simply AWESOME answers! Thanks for sharing them, I totally enjoyed them!

Mamarazzi said...

hey you answered some of MINE!! woo hoo!! i can't wait for more more more!