Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's my choice

You won't very often read posts about my weight or even hear me talk about it much (unless you are a very close friend). I don't want to get in the habit of obsessing about my weight and therefore impressing it on my girls that weight is such a huge issue. Sure, it's important to be healthy -- but stressing and obsessing about any extra poud or two (or even twenty or thirty) is completely another thing. My girls will never hear me call myself fat.

But today my post is about my weight.

I have always struggled with my weight, although when I look back at my wedding pictures just 6 1/2 short years ago...I would l-o-v-e to look like that again.

And no -- it's not because of having kids that I weigh what I do (although it certainly changed my shape). Both times I lost all of my baby weight within a month of giving birth. But it was my own lack of self-discipline that made me gain a lot of it back.

I have never really tried any weight-loss programs or anything. But I have often tried to get in a regular exercise routine and even to eat right (although I struggle with the eating part more than exercising). But after a short while, I start to lose my self-discipline again and my resolve becomes very short-lived -- or I put my back out like I did the last two summers. Once I get out of my routine, it's very hard to get back into it.

Awhile ago I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil where there was this quite over-weight woman on the show -- on fact, I think she would even fall under the obsese category. Dr. Phil said he knew why she was over-weight and asked her if she wanted to know why. She said yes, of course -- and he looked her right in the eye and very boldly said:

"Because you want to be."

She looked at him with wild disbelief. I looked at him with wild disbelief. What on earth was he talking about? She most definitley did NOT want to be that over-weight. She looked miserable.

But then he explained what he meant and I realized he was absolutely right. She was -- with her bad choices and habits -- choosing to be overweight. She rather wanted to eat at McDonald's every day (yes, you read that right -- EVERY! DAY! -- and more than that, every meal of every day!) than be thin. She rather wanted to not excercise than be thin.

What it all came down to was that she wanted all of the other bad habits in her life more than she wanted to lose weight.

Now, I am by no means obese -- nor do I eat eat McDonald's three times a day -- but I do know I could stand to lose...well, I could stand to lose a few pounds.

I don't want to be somebody who chooses to be over-weight. If I have a choice about it -- and I most certainly do -- than I want to choose something else. I want to choose excercising and being a bit more careful about what I eat.

Last week I started getting up at 7am to work out before the kids get up. It's hard to drag myself out of bed -- since I am far from a morning person -- but once I'm downstairs and I'm working up a sweat, it's a wonderful feeling. It really is a great way to start the day.

So, my new resolve is to wake up at 7 o'clock every weekday morning (other than the mornings that I go to work) to do my cardio work out. Then in the afternoons I also want to do a pilates work out. AND...on Monday after my pilates, I even jogged on the spot for 10 minutes, which I would like to make a regular thing as well. And I hate anything remotely to do with running; I am not a runner by any means. But it felt so good to do it. Then on days when I do have to go to work, rather than doing my cardio in the morning I want to go for a good power walk in the evening like I did yesterday.

I need to do at least 1/2 an hour of some form of excercise every day, if not more.

I have barely begun this new choice, but I'm already thoroughly enjoying it. In fact, yesterday when I went to work, I was actually disappointed that I couldn't do my cardio work-out (a good sign).

Not only am I making a good choice for me -- but more importantly, I am making a good choice for my daughters. Right now they may not always see me work out first thing in the morning (although Joelle sometimes is awake and I tell her I'm going downstairs to excercise so she can play in her room until I'm done), but it won't be long and they'll be up that early too getting ready for school and they will witness my dedication to excercising on a daily basis. Or at the very least, they will hear me talk about it and know that it's a regular part of my life. I want to be a good example for my children just as much -- if not more -- than I want to do this for myself.

So, my goal in numbers? I'm going to start small so I don't overwhelm myself. My first goal that I want to reach -- with no specific time-line right now -- is 13 pounds. Once I lose that weight, I will be back to the weight I was before I ever got pregnant. From there, I'll create a new goal...and so on until I reach my final goal.

I won't post about my progress too much -- but I will set up something on my sidebar to trak my progress so you can keep up with it if you are interested.

It's time for a new choice for me. What about you?


ValleyGirl said...

Yup. I hear ya. Started with the Weight Watchers again two weeks ago. So far so good! I so want this for my kids, too. Mostly I want to develop good eating habits and a more active lifestyle so that it's more natural for them to do it, too. We can do this, Andrea!!

Pam said...

wow! that is a great plan. I am proud of you. I know that as soon as school is over I want to try to get back to exercising again. Hopefully I will be as dedicated as you are!

Xandra said...

Good for you! You are motivating me to get off my behind and MOVE!


pam said...

This is THE BEST POST I'VE READ in such a long long time. Most 'motivational, lose weight, get with it' post start with Ok and now we're going to... and then we're gonna...' but this one was the antithesis of that. Yeah you!!! You're just all 'I feel better having gotten up earlier and moved a bit more'. Your girls, my darling, will have gotten SO much more from that simple statement, than ANYTHING you could have said EVER. Brava dear one brava!!

Kelly said...

i love dr. Phil. He always puts things in a way that profoundly affects me. Way to make a healthy life choice for you and your family.

Jody said...

I get up before my kids on weekdays to work out as well - I love it!! Good for you! I have had to re-frame the "dread" of this time to really valuing it as ME TIME! I crank my Hillsong tunes on my MP3 player and work up a good sweat. By the time they are up I am showered with coffee on the go - and had 1 hour of time taking care of me. It truly is the best thing we can do for our kids on so many levels.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Excellent post. It's amazing what a different perspective can do - a lightbulb moment as Oprah would say. It's definitely all about the choices. The good thing is - we get to make the choice for ourselves!

Good for you - I'm proud of you little sister!

Melissa said...

Thats awesome Andrea- good for you, what an encouraging post. I need to get into the habit of being more active as welll, I love the nice weather and getting out for a nice walk with Sydney:)

andrea said...

like I mentionned before, I love your positive attitude about you and your goals. You can so do this! Remember Sharon and I are there for you anytime;)!

common mom said...

Here here!!! Excellent post . . . it IS a choice . . . and a tough one. Good for you for making it! I too want to be sure my kids don't see me obsess about my weight, but instead see me eating healthy and making exercise a regular part of my life. It's so important to set that good example - I need to work much harder at it, and you've MOTIVATED me!

I do GREAT when Hubby is home . . . I get to go to the gym every day after work or ride my bike to work in the morning. But when he's gone flying, I get out of routine. I can barely get my work hours in after getting the kids off to school before I have to pick them up. Then I'm so wiped by the time bedtime comes, that I don't get the workout in. I HATE those weeks.

But, Jason is done with school and starts summer camp next week - so one drop off and pick up for me for the next 10 weeks . . . and an extra hour in the afternoon to workout after work before I go pick them up.

I made that choice today, like you . . . I hope we can both stick with it, because it does feel good to be on track. I could use someone kicking my butt and reminding me how important it is to make that choice!

Jenn said...

That's great that you're setting goals for yourself one step at a time. It's wonderful that you're enjoying your new routine and look forward to sweatin' it up! You go girl!!

Roo said...

wow andrea! FANTASTIC! i am so proud of you. you are an inspiration!

Margo said...

Way to go Andrea. You're right ~ as much as this is good for you, it's also a great example for your girls. So important for them to know that it's not so much about weight as it is about making healthy choices. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Andrea! I promise not to feed you any more chips! I've been trying to eat well and exercise too, and it's slowly paying off. I know you can do it!

Kellan said...

Oh, this subject! I could afford to lose 15 lbs and am trying. It took every bit of will power I posses to not buy a donut this morning at the Exxon station - I was almost in tears as I left the store!

Take care - Kellan

mama said...

well i looked at the little thing you said you'd set up in the sidebar and it shows you lost 2 pounds already!! CONGRATS! 11 more doesn't sound like an unattainable goal:)

Carl & Kathy said...

You are so right. Wow...I never really thought about wanting to snack on unhealthy foods more than wanting to be thinner and/or healthier. You really spoke to me on this post sweetie. I'm going to start exercising too and when I feel like giving up, I'm going to think of you and your dedication. THANKS!

Melanie said...

You know several years ago I read Dr. Phils weight loss book and I lost 65 pounds. His plan just makes perfect sense.

I gained it back while pregnant and need to still lose about 30 pounds. But, you are sooooo right- I choose to eat too much and to not exercise enough.

Leeann said...

Good for you! I am proud of you and you are approaching it with just the right attitude.
Expecting another baby is stressing me out, weight loss wise. I just killed myself for 9 months to lose 50 lbs and I'm really scared that I will sabotage myself.

JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

I so agree that it's unhealthy to get obsessed about food and weight and instead I want to think about making healthy choices to create a stronger, fitter body. It's not just about that scale for me but about feeling awesome and being fit.

I agree with Dr. Phil, too, and I like how straightforward he really do have to Want To Lose Weight, you've gotta want it More than you want to emotionally eat or stay in a food addiction (for those who have food addiction, like to sugar and white flour).

Yeah, I've been on both sides, really wanting it and not caring, so I can completely understand how it feels either way.

Good luck with your healthy journey, and most of all have fun with it! (and you're so right that you're setting a healthy example for your family :) ).