Friday, May 9, 2008

my day in an equation

the doorbell waking up my sleeping household
+ 11 hours of 2 whining, squabbling kids (I can't even do justice to how bad it was!)
+ 1 sore throat (complete with coughing & achey body parts)
+ 2 wet accidents to clean up
+ 1 messy accident to clean up (wait a minute...I thought this kid was potty-trained!)
+ 3 blog posts (hey...I needed to do something to save my sanity today!)
equals 1 exhausted, cranky Mom


But -- peace + quiet + 8:00pm = P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!

(Here's my theory: In light of Mother's Day fast approaching...the girls are trying to be on their worst behaviour now. That way, even if they're just on their mediocre behaviour on Sunday -- I'll be thrilled.

Uh-huh...very clever, kids. Very clever, indeed.)


Pam said...

I think your kids shared their little plan with my kids....somehow, tired and cranky mommy doesn't feel up for mother's day....

amy said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Joanna said...

My Hubby had to do an intervention and took them all hiking today.

Hope y'all are feeling better and you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Carl & Kathy said...

Sigh, what a day. Well, you'll really enjoy tomorrow; it will be WELL deserved.

Happy Mother's Day!

ValleyGirl said...

They'll be marketing analysts one day!! Jackin' up the prices a month before items go on sale ~ it's the same thing! They're brilliant!!

Happy blogiversary!!

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, and a happy Mothers Day, too!!

Sandy said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

mama said...

ha ha yes oh the joy of quiet!!
Btw I'm eagerly waiting for your question and answer post:):)!!

Kelly said...

Hey I feel ya on this one. Did ya read my downer post! I like yours better though. Very creative!

Mamarazzi said...

good theory! might be on to something there!