Thursday, May 8, 2008

swimming 101

Today will be the girls' fourth swimming lesson, and things have been going...well, swimmingly.

In Joelle's class, the parent starts out in the pool with the child and then phases out depending on how the child is doing. After the first class, Joelle made it clear that she did not need me to come in the pool with her next time. So she has been flying solo and is having a lot of fun.

She has a great teacher and she responds really well to her. She can put her face under water for several seconds, and can even float on her back on her own for a few brief seconds. Joelle grins from ear to ear for the entire half hour lesson and I just love watching her.

Malia is in the very beginner's class where a parent needs to be with her the entire time. Les has been assigned that duty -- although I think I'll take one or two turns just to get the experience -- and so far that has also been going really well. The do a lot of singing, splashing and blowing bubbles, etc and anytime I look over to their side of the kiddie pool, Malia is giggling and having a great time.

I'm so glad that this has been a positive experience for them, and I'm looking forward to watching them continue to grow in their swimming abilities.


Xandra said...

I loved swimming lessons when I was a little girl! Looks like they are making some really great memories!


Kellan said...

Swimming lessons are such a great idea for kids. My twins took lessons when they were tiny and I always was so comfortable with them around water. The others learned from me. All my kids swim well.

Nice to see you Andrea - have a good evening - Kellan

Pam said...

sounds so fun. I love the pictures and think it is great that you are teaching your girls to be safe and enjoy water. Can't wait to hear more!

Pamela said...

Looks like they are having a great time!

andrea said...

their smiles say it all.

Daphne said...

sounds like they're having a great time!!! that's some great pics too!

Cindy said...

This reminds me of when I used to watch my niece Shaeleigh during her swimming lessons...she would constantly look over to make sure we were watching her, and then she couldn't stop smiling either!...she would get water in her mouth because she wouldn't close it!'s amazing how quickly kids pick up skills like was really fun to watch her...those are some good memories.