Monday, June 23, 2008

meme monday: the answers you've all been waiting for

Last week on Meme Monday, I tested to see if you could figure out which 3 things were false about me that I said I had done. I got many different responses, and it is now time to reveal the answers. Take a look and see if your guesses were right! (the ones that I have done are in bold and the ones I have not done are in blue.)

#118: Played in a band: One person thought this was untrue of me but this one is definitely true. I played the clarinet in the band all through junior high and high school -- I even made it into our province's Junior High Honour Band in grades 7-9. I have also played piano and sang in a worship band in both of the churches I have attended as a young adult.

#30: Ridden a roller coaster: Four people thought I had never ridden a roller coaster. Well, guess what? I have! I remember riding the kid's roller coaster at our local kiddie amusement park (although I refused to go on it with my kids this weekend), I have gone on Thunder Mountain at DisneyLand and I went on an white, old, rickety one at ValleyFair. I didn't enjoy it, but I did do it!

#166: Worn Knickers: One person didn't believe I had ever worn knickers. I wish I had a picture, but I most definitely wore knickers when I was a kid.

#26: Gone skinny dipping: I was surprised that only 2 people suggested that this one was false. Come on -- do I really seem like someone adventerous enough to go skinny dipping??

#173: Thought you might crash in an arplane: I can understand why two people guessed this one; I suppose it's all in how it's worded. I have definitely thought that I might crash in an airplane IF I were ever to get in one...not that I was actually in an airplane, thinking I was going to crash. Sorry for the confusion!

#160: Gotten food poisoning: I wish that the one person who thought this wasn't true was right -- but unfortunately I have gotten food poisoning -- twice! Two years in a row, at the same restaurant (different location, but same chain). I won't say which restaurant 'cause it's a very familiar chain in both Canada and the US (and maybe other places, who knows!). But it sucks and I hope to never have it again!

#108: Brought out the worst in people: How flattering that somebody actually thought that I have never brought out the worst in people. Sadly, that is not true. There is someone in particular that I bring out the worst in on an almost daily basis...but that's all I'll say!

#52: Kissed in the rain: One person said they thought I had never done this -- and that person was right. She was right (in my opinion) when she said "Who does that anyway?" but on the other hand...there's something romantic about the thought of kissing in the rain. Maybe one day...

#145: Written a love story: Two people didn't think I had ever written a love story. Now, surely I have not ever gotten a love story published (or any story for that matter), but I wrote some short stories in high school -- and on my own for fun -- and I know at least one of them was a love story.

#110: Ridden a horse: Three of you out there did not believe that I have ever ridden a horse. Guess what? I have (I think). See, I say "I think" because I have a vague memory of it -- but then I started to doubt myself and think...was that just a dream?? No, I'm pretty sure I have.

#23 Taken a sick day when you were not ill: How lovely that there are a couple of people who think that I am too honest to take a sick day when I am not actually sick. Well, they're right and wrong. How does that work, you ask? Well, technically I did take a sick day when I wasn't sick...BUT -- I had worked it out with my boss. This was towards the end of my pregnancy with Joelle and I was just e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. So one day I talked to my boss and explained to him how I was feeling and asked that since I had not used any sick days yet for my pregnancy, if he would be okay with me using one the following day to rest myself up. He said yes, but that I'd actually have to phone in sick the next morning. So I did! See? Honesty is the best policy!! I could take my 'sick day' without being sick, but not feel any guilt for it!

#172: Had a revelatory dream: One person thought this statement was untrue. And you know -- I can't think of any revelatory dream specifically -- but I do know that I have had millions of dreams, and I think most of us have at least one revelatory dream in our lifetimes.

#197: Ridden in or owned a convertible: Well, I have definitely not owned a convertible -- but unlike the one person suggested, I have ridden in one! Before I was old enough to actually drive it myself, my Dad took over the sale of my uncle's convertible and we took it for a spin or two!

And finally...

#152: Learned to juggle: Two people got it right when they said that they didn't think I had ever learned to juggle. I know my brother had attempted to teach me many times -- but I just couldn't catch on. So, I am not a juggler.

Thanks for playing along!!


wfbdoglover said...

HA HA, well my brother n'law's Rock Band was visiting last week, so I had that on my mind.

I picked up on your fear of flying, so I THOUGHT you may be afraid of Roller Coasters as well or some sort of motion sickness.

i knew you work Knickers, because in Ireland that's what they call underwear.. ha ha

This was fun, I did it on my blog too and everyone thought it was cool!

Thanks for posting

Kellan said...

When/if you ever get the urge to do you some skinny dipping, you come to Texas - come to the lake with me and we will do us some SKINNY DIPPING - YEE HA!!

Have a good Tuesday - see you - Kellan

Pam said...

I'm so bad at guessing I doubt I would have gotten any of those right, I'm so glad you shared the answers with us!

Roo said...

your cute.


Carl & Kathy said...

Right on. I knew you never juggled (but I was kind of hoping because it would have been pretty hilarious to see!)

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Good to know I got at least one right!