Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the 'half-and-half'

Normally I pride myself on doing pretty things in my girls' hair. Clips strategically placed, pretty pony-tails, or my most recently conquered hairstyle: the french braid. So when Joelle tries to do one of her own unique creations, it's hard for me to just sit back and let her sail out of the house -- but I usually do it (except for rare ocasions).

Thankfully though, this has been happening less and less often lately and I have the almost daily privilege of styling her gorgeous hair the way I want to do it.

But yesterday morning while I was hurriedly getting the girls ready so I could leave the house at 7:30 to get to work, things didn't entirely go as planned.

I was doing 2 french braids in Joelle's hair -- one side was already done (this picture was taken at the end of the day which is why it looks a little sloppy), and I was halfway done the second side when suddenly I heard Malia's panicked cries for assistance in the bathroom.

So I quickly grabbed the ponytail holder and put it into place so as not to lose the progress I had already made with my last few precious moments before having to head out the door, and I ran to the bathroom to help Malia.

By the time I got back to my unfinished hairstyle, Joelle had made up her mind that she wanted it left just the way it was.

Yup -- that's right. She wanted one full french braid, and one half french braid.

Sure, I tried to convince her otherwise. I tried to tell her that it woud look so much prettier if she let me make them match. But she was not in the least bit interested. She thought it was perfect the way it was.

I could've forced her into letting me fix it to my preferred style -- but not only were we now running out of time -- but I also decided to just let this one slide.

I had to stop and think about it: was it really worth spurring the temper tantrum that would be sure to follow? Afterall, it's only hair. Besides, she was just going to spend the day at my parents' place and then come straight back home. Who, other than my parents, would even see her?

The way I see it is that sometimes you just gotta pick your battles!

Proud of her hairstyle, she happily pranced out the door with me and Malia to debut "the half-and-half."

(It's a good thing my mom didn't end up deciding to take the girls out grocery shopping or something in the morning. And it's an even better thing that while out on this non-existant grocery trip they didn't run into someone that we know...oh wait a minute! That's e-x-a-c-t-l-y what ended up happening!!)

On a brighter note -- and speaking about french braids -- I have started to also put these pretty little braids in Malia's hair. It's harder to do since it's shorter and much thinner. But she kept asking for them, so finally I decided to give it a whirl and it turned out much better than I thought it would with her hair.

Doesn't she look so cute in them? Or should I say doesn't the back of her head look so cute in them?


wfbdoglover said...

I agree the battle would not be worth fighting!

I wish I had little girls to french braid hair. I learned how to french braid watching Phil Donahue one summer. (NO LIE) My hair now is very thin.. so it doesn't hold.

Looks good.. keep up the good work!

melanie said...

I'm all for picking my battles too. I wouldn't have fought that one either. I think both hair styles are cute!

Roo said...

very cute! i remember being like that when i was young. i had all sorts of creative ideas i wanted my mom to try out on my hair. :)

i sent you a email...did you get it? you said you were having email issues so i wanted to be sure.

thanks for the tip -- but i don't think we'll take the j.j. at this time. awesome price though! wow. that wont take much time to sell.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I think J is gonna be your little fashionista! She definitely has a sense of what she wants and doesn't want. Good for you for being able to let it go.

And M's hair looks great! For being a novice, you do a fantastic job on the braids!

andrea said...

those funny little people...they sure have their own thought process, don't they? it's good but can be a challenge when we least expect it!
btw, beautiful braids you do! your kids are very adorable...i can just imagine them running around with their pretty styles...

Jamie said...

I'm just like you, wanting my kids to look presentable (or our notion of it) before leaving the house! I would find it extremely hard letting them out 'half done' too!

Daphne said...

you did great on Malia's hair! I have the same problem with my Princess's hair, it being thin and all....

Carl & Kathy said...

Well, I admire your french braiding skills, even if they end up a not being completely done. And I hear you, some battles aren't worth fighting.

Jen said...

Very cute! I need you to give me lessons. I have NO IDEA how to my own hair, let alone my little daughters. I can't get her hair to do anything. It's luckily naturally curly and so at least has ringlets all around if I can't manage to at least get a clip in it. I wish I was able to do french braids. Don't know how ya'll do it. I swear you need 20 fingers or something, lol!

Kelly said...

I am sooooo in favor of pick your battles! My daughter is the queen of being very particular so I often need to step back and decide if this is critical enough!

BTW way to go on mastering the french braid! It looks great!!! Now you need to tackle the fish tail. That is my personal favorite. It would look great with Malia's finer hair!

Mamarazzi said...

you are SO awesome. i think my OCD woulda kicked in and i would not have been able to let it go all day. you rock!

J is FINALLY starting to do her own hair sometimes. i don't care if its a hot mess...i am just glad she is trying.

Anonymous said...

i used 2 love doing my nieces' hair. now, its just not cool 2 have ur hair like that...sigh!

Jenn said...

She's got quite the sense of style!

Leeann said...

I LOVE french braids (I actually typed bread here, not paying attention LOL)but have never learned how to do them on my girls. With all their little A-lines, I can't now, but dang it! I need to learn!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

You rock with the french braiding, girl!