Friday, July 18, 2008

summer holidays: part II

After getting back from our first part of holidays, I had 2 days to unpack, do laundy and re-pack for the second part. This time we were heading to our friend's family's cabin that we have rented for the past 3 summers. It's a wonderful cabin with 4 bedrooms, a bathroom with a flush toilet and a shower and it has a full kitchen. My kind of holiday (well, my kind of holiday if I can't be in a hotel, that is).

The kids love being at the cabin and so do we -- even though it's a few minute drive to get down to the beach. We didn't have great weather for this weekend either just like our other camping weekend. But we still made the best of things.

We arrived Thursday evening, so we basically just unloaded the van and set the girls up for bed before relaxing with a movie for the evening. The next day was mostly cloudy with a few light showers, but it was still a very comfortable day to be outside, so we headed to the beach for a few hours. The girls and Les got wet in the lake, but I stayed on the sand and worked on our gigantic sand castle. We only had to hide under our small beach umbrella for a few minutes to take shelter from the rain but we were glad we had stuck it out since the sun came out not long after and it was gorgeous outside.

Saturday was a miserable day outside, so we were cabin-bound for the majority of the time -- except for the short time where we made the trek down to the beach just to look at the really high waves. The wind was so bad that day that it knocked our power out from about 4:00 Saturday afternoon and it was still out when we left the next day, about 48 hours later. It made for some interesting conditions, but we survived.

One of the things which certainly helped the girls enjoy that time with more limited things to do was that their "uncle" Paul -- one of our closest family friends -- (whose family owns the cabin we were staying in) came out for our last 48 hours. As you can see from the pictures below, the girls absolutely l-o-v-e this guy. In fact, I don't think Joelle left his side for more than 2 minutes the entire time (other than at night of course).

Thankfully Sunday was a really nice day, although it was still on the windy side. But at least the sun was out. However, as we made our way down to the beach, we soon realized that there wasn't any beach area left to set up 'camp.' The waves were still really huge, and they were washing up all the way onto the shore, leaving not a speck of sand untouched. Thankfully there was a section of the beach a ways off that was usable. So, the guys each took a girl on their shoulders, we all gathered up our stuff and we waded through thigh-deep waves to get to the other part of the beach.

That is how the toe injury happened. While I was trudging through those gigantic waves, I stubbed my toe on a huge rock. I didn't think much of it at the time (even though it hurt quite a bit), and I was surprised to see it starting to bruise about an hour later. As the day went on, the bruise kept getting bigger and darker and by the time we packed up to head home, I could hardly walk. But since that was the worst tragedy of the holiday it was definitely manageable.

And before we knew it, we were back in the van heading for home. It was the most wonderfully relaxing weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls slept well at night, we had quality family time together and it was just an all-around fantastic time. Too bad it's over already...


andrea said...

that looks so fun! i just love those sand how fun are they? sorry about the just makes it memorable, right?

wfbdoglover said...

Love the phots as always! Sounds like you had the bestest time ever. Sorry about the toe.. may you have a speedy recovery. (Hope you got out of packing up the car!)

Pam said...

so glad you had fun (minus the toe part!)- you always have the BEST pictures to share!

Louise said...

That does sound like a fantastic time!!
We are heading out to a cabin for a week starting tomorrow I hope the weather is good ;)

have a great weekend!
Love the pics!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you managed to have a good time even despite the weather. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Kathy and Carl said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at the beach. The only part is the packing and unpacking. Well, hopefully it wasn't as painful as your toe. ARG! Get better little piggie toe!

On a completely weird strain, the word verification had me jugzs. Hmmmm....interesting.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your holidays were so much fun. I'm jealous! We don't really have any plans to get away. How's your toe???