Wednesday, July 2, 2008

to my would-be skeptics

When I bought my bright pink gardening gloves back in April (that Joelle lovingly picked out for me), I didn't really tell anybody. Afterall, that sort of tiny pieces of insignificant information doesn't really come out in most day-to-day conversations.

But had this piece of information gotten out, I'm sure it would've been accompanied by smirks, maybe a giggle or two, and comments like, "What would you ever do with a pair of gardening gloves?"

The reason I would've expected those sorts of reactions (and completely without offense, by the way) is because I had the exact same thoughts when I walked out of the store with them in hand. Afterall, me and gardening do not go together.

But to all of my would-be skeptics -- take a look at these bad boys now:

That's right; they are caked with mud. And YES -- it was indeed my hands that occupied the insides of these obviously well-used gardening gloves while they reached this condition.

Truth be told...I wasn't actually in the garden with them but rather I was helping clean up clay-like mud with my neighbours while they dug holes for their new fence posts. So it may not have been the actual act of gardening that broke in these puppies...

But it was 'dirty work' that I did, and that is impressive enough for me!!


Carl & Kathy said...

The gardening...I mean dirt gloves are very lovely, and work is work, whether or not it's in the garden. Good for you to help out your neighbour!

wfbdoglover said...

yay you! take some picts when they bloom.

Jen said...

Very impressed! I love that they are even pink :)

Mamarazzi said...

oh i am VERY impressed!

i do not do yardwork. it makes me grumpy.

psssst i tagged you on my's a gooooood one...mwaaahaaahahahaha. PLEASE play!

andrea said...

hey! gotta love those dirty gloves! just think of all the special memories you'll have with them!!! gotta be styling too so great colour!

Jenn said...

What a sight to behold! And thanks by the way for all that work you guys did for our lovely fence! I will return the favor when you build a fence.