Friday, August 29, 2008

a cry for help

The other night after the kids were put to bed and Les and I were relaxing in front of the TV, we heard some usual feet-scampering coming from upstairs. It went on for quite awhile, but we weren't really concerned about it -- nobody was crying or bothering each other (and Malia had fallen asleep for a bit in the afternoon, which usually means she takes longer falling asleep at night), so we just let things be.

The next morning when Malia came running into my room to say good morning, I took one look at her legs and burst out laughing. I only wish I had taken a picture of it, but believe it or not, I let this Kodak moment pass me by.

The movement we had heard the night before was Malia running back and forth from her bedroom to the box of Band-Aids that was mistakenly put in her reach on their bookshelf in the hallway. She had plastered her legs with at least 7 band-aids (but for some reason, one foot only got one -- and the other foot got the rest). These were also bright colored band-aids, so her right leg looked like a rainbow.

I had a good laugh over it (and so did she), but I did tell her that she didn't need to use quite so many band-aids next time.

"Okay, Mommy" was her immediate response.

Then I said that I should probably put the Band-Aids away so that she couldn't reach them whenever she wanted to. Now, I'm all for letting the kids have a band-aid even when there's no legitimate 'owie' (see my post here for my thoughts on this...really, you should go read it -- it's actually one of my most favorite posts that I have done...go ahead; I'll wait), but this was going a tad over-board.

She looked at me quite solemnly and said, "Yes Mommy -- you should take them away."

I giggled at her, and then proceeded to shed her of a few of the colorful adhesives. She stopped me and said again with extreme seriousness, "Mom...can you put the band-aids away so I can't reach them anymore?"

Before she got any more distressed over the issue, I answered her cry for help, took the box of band-aids and put them up on a shelf in the bathroom, with my band-aid-aholic shadow on my heels, her eyes never leaving the precious box of band-aids.

It's been 2 full days and to my knowledge she hasn't had a band-aid since. I think if she tries hard enough -- she can kick this addiction.


(Now here's hoping a band-aid addiction is as bad as it's gonna get...what? Not likely? Oh come on -- don't burst my bubble!)


andrea said...

now that's funny! and she's fully aware that she shouldn't take them...yes, this is how bad addictions can easy, my only gets easier from here!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! Now lets see how she does with the Pepsi in a few years...


Jenn said...

That is so funny. I was expecting you to say she was totally covered in them!

Pam said...

that is too cute! Kids and band-aids go hand in hand. Mine love to cover themselves in band-aids too!

Kelly said...

So cute that she asked you to put them away so she can't reach!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little Malia! She's still at that age where she wants the best for herself - asking you to put them away so she can't reach them! Reminds me of Olivia whenever a knife is ever placed at her place setting (usually in a restaurant) - said very seriously "Mommy, they gave me a knife!!!". Then she insists I take it away.

Kathy and Carl said...

Yes, it starts with band-aids, then tape, who knows where it could go!?

Kellan said...

What a cute story. Kids do love Band Aids!

Hope you are having a great weekend, Andrea - see you soon - Kellan

Mamarazzi said...


J is 13 (OMG THIRTEEN!) and she still asks for a bandaid for the smallest non bleeding they ever outgrow it?

melanie said...

Now if someone could just do that for me with all of my snacks I would be nice and skinny!