Tuesday, September 30, 2008

all in God's timing

Today -- September 30th -- is the day of the year that reminds me that God's timing is perfect. Flawless.

Three years ago, we were trying to sell our house in The City as we were having a new house built in our little town. Our house was supposed to be ready early February of 2006, and with a new baby on the way, we desperately needed to get out of our 850 square foot house. As it was, we already were going to have to spend 5 months with both kids in that small, poorly-laid-out house (in which Malia spent her nights sleeping in the living room).

When we put our house up for sale, it was when the market was really good -- for sellers, that is. Houses were receiving multiple offeres, all for way higher than asking price and within a day or two, the deals were done and the stress of having a home on the market was over.

But not for us.

On the day we were accepting offers, we were hoping to have a few to choose from -- and maybe even induce a bidding war -- but we were extremely disappointed to hear that there was not even one single offer on the table.

I was getting stressed out, as I was 9 months pregnant with Malia at the time. It was already difficult enough keeping the house spic'n'span for showings with my large belly and a 2-year-old under foot. But I just kept praying that our house would sell before I had the baby. I could not imagine having to sell a house in the midst of bringing home a newborn and dealing with that huge life adjustment.

Lo and behold -- several days later, we got our first offer! We accepted it, but it was based on the father's inspection (as it was a young fellow who was wanting to buy it). The possession date was slightly earlier than what we were hoping for, but we were sure that things would go smoothly, and that this was God answering our prayers.


The offer fell through, as the father didn't think this house was right for his son. So we were back to square one, and I was back to stressing -- and crying. I was now over-due and just didn't understand why our house was taking so long to sell when everybody else had people tripping over themselves to get to it first.

Right when I was at my wit's end, we received our second offer. This one had a later possession date than what we wanted, and was based on finances going through on the buyers' end -- so I wasn't holding my breath, although I couldn't help but be slightly hopeful.

On Friday, September 30th, 2005 -- we got the phone call from our realtor giving us the good news...everything had gone through okay, and we had officially sold our house!!

We were so relieved, and so thankful that God was taking care of us, even though I continued to doubt Him.

And God has a sense of humour, you know. For a mere 2 hours after we got word that everything was official, I went into labour (although she wasn't born until the next day)! No matter how much I had been ready to get this baby out of me already, I knew deeper down I really wanted to wait until the stress of selling the house was over. God knew I needed that, so He was waiting for just the right time.

And as for the first offer falling through...well, God's timing was behind us then as well. It didn't make any sense to me at the time of the big disappointment, but when February came and went and we still weren't in our new house, it became very evident that God really did know what He was doing. If the first offer had gone through, we would've been homeless for a month (as our new house was behind schedule) -- but with us having to wait until the second offer, we only had to spend 2 nights elsewhere before moving day.

So every September 30th, I remind myself that no matter what it looks like -- God is really in control. And when things don't always go like we planned...we need to remind ourselves that sometimes God's plan is even better, even if it takes us awhile to see it.


Pam said...

I'm so glad that it all worked out well for you. I have a hard time with being patient and trusting God's timing. I tend to want it when I want it and don't understand why it can't be my way. I guess I sound like a toddler there! :)

Happy (early) brthday M!

ValleyGirl said...

Happy anniversary!

Kelly said...

You are so right! So many times I have stressed only to find out that is better the "wait for it" way. Thanks for the reminder

Jenn said...

Amazing how those things work out. He really is awesome.

PamJ said...

so true :)

Krista Nicole said...

Thanks Andrea- that's an awesome reminder!

melanie said...

Why can't He just let me in on what He's trying to do with me and my life? If I could just be in on the secret I wouldn't stress so much.

Of course, I'm joking- kind of. Sometimes it's so hard to understand what's going on. It's always easy when we look back to see it was right but at the time it sure isn't much fun.

Pamela said...

Something similar happened to us. Just before we got married we put an offer in on a tiny 1 bedroom house and it was dirt cheap. Our thought was that we would live in it for 4-5 years (and we were currently in a 1 bedroom apartment so space wasn't a hug issue) and then when we started to think about having kids we'd sell it and use the money on a down payment for another house. I was upset when our offer was not accepted and discouraged. Turns out it would have been a nightmare if we would have been stuck in that house because nine months after our wedding, Kiandra was born and then by our fifth anniversary (the length of time we had planned to live there) we were a family of 5! But as I have mentioned before...I suck at being patient!

common mom said...

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to see what the reason is :-)

Happy Birthday to M!

Kathy and Carl said...

Okay, that is such an encouragement and reminder that God has a perfect plan. I remember you as big as a house, trying to sell yours. He has perfect timing and that's awesome that Sept. 30 reminds you of that. Thanks for sharing.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I think it's cool that you have such a story of God's divine providence, and that you can clearly see how His hand was guiding all events for your good. Happy September 30th!


Jody said...

That is a really cool story. The best part is that you decide every Sept 30th to remember and praise God for his perfect timing. That is the coolest part of the story!!