Tuesday, September 23, 2008

don't hate me...i'm just the messenger

I know none of us wants to hear this...but we all know that winter is slowly (and surely) on its way. If you're anything like me, you're not in any hurry to meet up with this dreadfully long, dark & cold season -- but it's inevitable.

We may not have a choice about its coming, but we do have a choice with how we deal with it, and its often negative affects on us.

For those of you who have been following my blog for at least a year, know that last year I started what I call a "Winter 'Activity Menu' Challenge." Click on the link (or the button) to read all about how it originated and to get more details. And click here to read all of the posts I did on this challenge.

But basically -- in a nut-shell -- this is a plan to get through the winter blues by planning activities during the week to keep us busy and distracted. Things like once a week hosting company, once a week doing a craft night with the kids, or a sledding/toboganning night, or an indoor outing (swimming, museum, etc). Or having a baking night -- either to store up goodies in the freezer or pass them on to a friend or neighbour, and the list could go on. I just find that so often I wonder what I'm going to do to pass the time (sort of like often humming and hawing over what to make for supper), and having a menu or sorts helps me get moving (again -- sort of like with supper).

I want to do this again this year -- but with some changes. I know that last year, I -- along with the other few participants of this challenge -- seemed to have forgotten about our 'menu' until it was time to post our results. So this time...I am wanting to make it a weekly thing (or bi-weekly, or monthly...whatever) sort of like other meme-type things such as Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. This way it would remind us more often of our plans and make it harder for things to fall by the wayside. Everybody could come by and sign "Mr. Linky" (someone would have to show me how to put Mr. Linky on my blog...) and give an update on what sorts of activities they did that week and how they felt they did in combatting the winter blues.

So...are you interested? Last year I think I had around 4 or 5 participants and this year I'd like to have at least 10. I'm going to be posting a few survey questions on my side-bar, and I'd really appreciate it if you would vote on them so I can get an idea of what people are thinking.

I'm thinking I would probably have the kick-off to this year's Winter Activity Menu Challenge in mid-October, where everybody who wants to participate would post their menu ideas and we would just go from there. Thanks for considering taking part of my challenge and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


jackie said...

I'd like to do this Andrea. But I need more info. Like do we have to schedule something for every day? And are we all doing the same activities?

Pam said...

sounds good to me! hopefully this year I won't be a complete grump for winter. But I wouldn't bet money on that :)

PamJ said...

I'm in denial so I don't even want to read this post yet ;)

melanie said...

What is this thing you call winter?

I'll do it again this year... but this year I'll actually follow through.

I voted for once every two weeks to check in and to do it on Fridays. That way I'll be more likely to actually do it, if I have to check it more often. And Fridays are good cuz I can kind of do a wrap up of the activities we did during the week.