Thursday, October 16, 2008

hoop it up!

I have had a lot of positive feedback on my self-portrait post I did earlier this week and some people have expressed interest in doing something similar themselves.

Know what I say to that? Let's 'hoop it up!' Some of you may not know that on my blog, I use the word 'hoopla' instead of 'meme' because...well, because I just like it better. So I'm turning this self-portrait idea into a hoopla.

The rules are simple: Post a picture of yourself (if you're one of those bloggers who prefers to keep pictures off of their site, maybe just post a picture of a part of yourself -- your eyes or something...or even a picture that represents something about you).

Then create a post of things that tell us who you are. It can be in the form of a poem -- rhyming or otherwise -- or just a list, or whatever. The format isn't important. Just be creative.

So now I need to 'high-five' (or 'tag') people to play along to get this thing going. The more the merrier, so here it goes:

(the names aren't linked yet, 'cause I don't have time right now -- but you know who you are!)

Jamie (private)

PamJ (private)
Jen (private)
Common Mom
Erin (Keeping Track of Erin)
Erin (Fully Alive)


Yes, the list is long -- but what better way to kick off a hoopla? So...what are you waiting for? Hoop it up!!


Pam said...

I will play along- just not sure when. I will get to it as soon as I can but life continues to be crazy busy right now. Fun hoopla though!

Mamarazzi said...

yikes! as i was reading i was thinking, "please don't five me, please don't five me".

but i think deep down i woulda been a little sad if you hadn't


i wil play this weekend i have a whole post dediated to other tags.

Louise said...

Okay I will play too!!When I post it I will let you know....I am a little nervous I am NOT a good 'writer' like that...okay HOOPLA!!

Leeann said...

I played. Sorta. Yours came out better.

Anonymous said...

I finally did it!! It took some good hard thinking but it is finally done. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!!