Friday, October 3, 2008

I always wanted two little girls
It was a dream of mine
I wanted the long hair, full of curls
Dresses, clips, and eyes that would s-h-i-n-e

When Joelle was born, it was the greatest thing
And I revelled in my new world of pink
I never knew the happiness she would bring
When her life and mine started to link

When the doctor said "It's a girl!" the second time around
I couldn't believe what I was hearing
Those words were the most beautiful sound
And I laughed at the same time my eyes started tearing

For now I had my two precious girls
My dreams had actually come true
I was in for a life of pony-tails, giggles and twirls
But I also didn't have the slightest clue

Of the challenge that would come with these two treasures
As Les and I do our very best
To raise them with love beyond measure
We do what we can, and trust God with the rest

My daughters have both now turned another year older
Joelle's turn is first
I can't even express how much I love her
Looking at her beautiful face makes my heart burst

Malia is next, my vivacious second-born
Her and I -- we got off to a rough start
But when she came ino this world one early October morn
She snugly found her place in my heart

Now my life is how it's supposed to be
My family is complete
With my husband and a girl for each knee
This just can't be beat


common mom said...

Love it!

And your daughters are so beautiful :-)

andrea said...

how adorable! very fitting and touching poem! and a cute picture to go with it! happy birthday to your girls and I'm so happy that you've felt so blessed!

Pamela said...

... a simply beautiful collection of your deep feelings of love and contentment.

Sheila said...

What a beautiful poem! And what talent to put those words together!! Love it!

Tereza said...

How sweet you writing poems for your girls!!! The picture is beautiful.
I just wanted you to know I'm back to blogging at my blog.(you still have access) I wasn't sure if you got my email or not.