Thursday, November 13, 2008

finger lickin' good

This morning as I was driving Malia home from pre-school, we somehow got on the topic of eating. She chirped up from the back seat and said she was going to eat Joelle.

"Eat Joelle?" I questioned curiously. "What would that even taste like?"

" chicken!" she wittingly replied with a giggle. Oh, that's right. Doesn't everything taste like chicken?

(**DISCLAIMER: No, we are not cannibals -- she was just being her typical silly 3-year-old self**)


andrea said...

what a funny lil girl! i can just picture her sweet smile as she stated that!

Kathy and Carl said...

I mean, they come by it honestly with us parents always nibbling on our tasty kids. It's just a way of showing affection!

note: we don't eat our kids nor do they eat each other!! :)

Louise said...

Too funny!!
Love the disclaimer ;)

Regina said...

LOL!! How cute.
My granddaughter seems to think everything is chicken!

Mamarazzi said...

thank heaven for that disclaimer...phew!

isn't it funny how we sometimes feel the need to do that? not everyone get humor. how sad. i am super glad you "get me". thanks for that.

mmmm chicken!!

Roo said...

:) i "eat" my family too. but i've had to stiffle my ways when i found shiloh attempting to "eat" her little sista. :)