Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a sample menu

As the debut of my 2nd annual Winter Activity Menu Challenge draws near (it all starts on Friday, November 7th), I thought I'd provide a sample menu to help some of you get yours off to a good start.

I made up a calendar that I am planning to use throughout the winter, along with re-usable tabs to put under each day. You can't see them very clearly, but I'll go through them and explain what I'm planning to do with them.

For example, this is what my first two weeks of my menu could look like. I cut out pictures from magazines and fliers to go with the planned activity on each colored piece of paper. After the first two weeks I will re-arrange them for the next two weeks, and so on.

Here is my list of activities that I have come up with so far:

Games Night -- play board or card games with the kids

Be Creative -- this could include things like building a fort, doing a puppet show with the kids, etc.

Play Outside -- having a snowball fight, go toboganning, make snow angels, etc.

Craft Corner -- as obviously stated, make a craft!

Dance Party -- put on the tunes and dance around the living room

Family Movie Night -- rent a kid-friendly movie, pop some pocorn and sit back and enjoy the show!

Company's Coming! -- make an effort to invite friends & family into your home for a home-cooked meal. Or if you're pressed for time, just have them over for dessert.

Baking Night -- get started on your Christmas baking. Put it in the freezer to have on hand for some of that company you'll have over. Or have it ready to go for the following suggestion...

Visit a Friend -- make a surprise visit to a friend. Have some of that baking with you to drop off, or even a hand-made craft by one of the kids.

Just Play -- sometimes we (or at least I) need a reminder to just play with my kids. Play dress-up, restaurant, play-doh, etc.

Cooking with the Kids -- let the kids help make a 'kid-friendly' meal...like pizza, 'pigs in a blanket', etc.

Family Outing -- pack up the family and head out to a nearby pool, museum, or movie theatre

Remember that you do not need to stick to your menu exactly. Be flexible. If you have a lot of other things going on that week, don't feel you need to invite over that company, or bake a bunch of cookies. Rather decide to keep things simple and stay home for a movie night, or make a fun craft with the kids. Or if it is an especially mild week, take advantage of it and spend more time outside rather than the planned indoor activities. Recreate your menu to suit your week.

I'll be back on Friday with my actual menu. I hope you all have fun preparing yours!


ValleyGirl said...

This is a great idea for any time of year! I LOVE charts and lists, so this is right up my alley!!

Pam said...

wow! that is really great! I might have to borrow that idea!

Jenn said...

Great idea - I think you may have a lot of copy cats on your hands. :)
This is giving me the little nudge I needed to get started on my own.

Jenn said...

Oh, and I like your Christmas colors you've got going on!

Regina said...

Awesome idea! Very organized!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

You have some really great ideas here! Although I sometimes yearn for a little snow in the winter, I am glad that our outdoor winter activities are very seldom curtailed by the weather here on the coast. I'll have to keep some of this on hand for rainy days.


melanie said...

I LOVE your calendar!! I actually clicked on the picture to biggify it- and I could see it perfectly. You are so creative and I love calendars and charts. They make me smile :)

Kerri said...

WOW! You are super organized! I love it! I found your blog through Joanna's (Bugs In My Teeth).

I have a 2 year old boy and just bought out the dollar store and WalMart craft sections so we have lots to do this winter.

I'm sure we don't get near the snow you do, but winter can get awfully long here too!

Great blog!