Sunday, November 16, 2008

winter tip #396

Remember last year when I posted about one of my winter woes? This year I decided to nip it in the bud by having Les install some hooks for the girls' winter attire in our front closet.

This way not only will my front entrance stay a lot clearer of all the unwanted clutter, but the girls can learn a bit more responsibility by hanging up their outer wear when they come back inside from playing, now that they can actually reach.

What are some winter tips that you can share to help lessen the burden of the winter season?


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Hmmm...I pull out my wool coat approximately two times all winter, so no good tips about outerwear organization! Winter for us means being able to sleep with the windows open for 6 months.


andrea said...

i love those hooks! i did much the same thing last year! isn't it amazing how long it takes to leave the house these days...trying to dressly warmly! enjoy your cleaner entrance...what a treat!

Pamela said...

looks great! I finally got around to organizing our back entry and adding extra shelves there and that helped to keep it more organized. oh and Congrats on making the girls hang up their own stuff...hooray form mean moms, lol!

Pam said...

Can Les come to my house and put some hooks in?

ValleyGirl said...

We did the same thing a few years ago and yet we still end up with boots, mittens, and toques lying all over the place!!! Especially in spring when they need three pairs of mitts in rotation in order to always have a dry pair!

It certainly does keep the ski pants and jackets off the floor though.

common mom said...

I know it's not feasable for everyone, but my kids have 2 of everything, except jackets . . . they leave one set of snowpants, mittens, hat, boots at school. No more dragging them back and forth back and forth. They've got time to dry on their hooks at school instead of being shoved wet into a backpack to be schlepped into the house and then out to be hung up or thrown in the dryer.

Goodwill is a great place to find the 2nd set!