Friday, December 5, 2008

activity menu challenge: update #2

Welcome to the 2nd update of my 2nd annual Winter Activity Menu Challenge. Not sure what this is about? Click here to find out.

Okay, so two weeks ago I posted my latest 2-week plan, and I have to say that I did really well with it. I find that I don't necessarily follow it for each day -- but if I feel stuck for an idea, I know I can look at my calendar and find something on there that appeals to me.

We did a lot of crafts this time, and here is a picture of one of my favorites -- gingerbread men! (I hope you can figure out which one is mine...). We also made angels, 'stained glass' stars, advent trees and others. It was a lot of fun, and I realized that supervising and helping the girls make their own crafts wasn't enough; I wanted to make my own craft too!

We also did a bit of baking -- although, truth be told, I did most of it by myself the one time since the girls were too caught up in their afternoon movie to be bothered to help. Malia hadn't been feeling good, so she was just chilling on the couch and the temptation to watch the Barbie movie that was playing was greater for Joelle than the call of baking with Mom. Conveniently she did make herself available to lick the beaters though...

One other thing that we did during this 2 week period was pack our annual shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse. Each of the girls packs a box of items that we buy for kids in 3rd world countries who may not get anything else for Christmas other than what we send them. We've done this for the past 3 years, and it is our plan for this to be an annual tradition. The girls always love packing the boxes, and this year they made cards for the little girls who will receive these boxes. We also stick a picture of the girls in there so it makes it a little more personal.

Then there was our fun family outing. Again, we hadn't specifically planned for a family outing on this day -- we actually had a family movie night scheduled -- but sometimes spur of the moment things can be just what we need. It was Saturday late afternoon, and I just felt like we all really needed to get out of the house. So I suggested that we go to the city for supper and then go bowling.
It was an expensive evening, but it was a lot of fun. Malia had never been bowling before, and the only time Joelle had was 2 years ago at a birthday party. So it was a novelty to both of them. And check out the scores -- sad to say that even with gutter balls eliminated due to the side bumpers, Les and I barely got higher scores than the girls. :)

So...I haven't actually set my exact plan for the next 2 week period, but it will be fairly similar to the last 2 times. And like I said -- I haven't even been sticking with it day-to-day anyway. As long as I use it for a guide and try and have at least 1 thing planned for each day, we're good to go.

So I'd like to hear how you helped yourselves get through the past 2 weeks, and what your plans are for the next 2 coming up. Sign up on Mr. Linky (all two of you!) and I'll come check you out!


Melanie said...

It sounds like you did a lot of fun stuff. I love your gingerbread men! And bowling does sound like a fun idea!

Pam said...

you did a lot of fun things! I hope it is helping keep those winter blues away!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you've all had a great time! I love the picture you took of the bowling shoes and scoreboard! I've been wanting to do an ornament craft with the kids for them to give as gifts but have had trouble finding the supplies. Which is odd because it's wires and buttons, lol. Have a great weekend!

Kathy and Carl said...

The bowling sounds like such a great idea! I don't think we've ever taken our kids and it would be fun, whether it be snowing or really hot. I look forward to reading the next installment!

Roo said...

love your craft andrea! super cute!

here's an idea for family night -- or maybe you have already been here....i heard that in st james somewhere there is a family that has a train ride. it costs $2 to get in and they have their outide all decorated with a lot of lights. super fun for kids and all the proceeds goes to the foodbank!

have you been there in past years? i heard they do this every year.

Regina said...

Great to see families having so much fun! The gingerbread men are so cute!

TammyIsBlessed said...

You go crafty girl!