Thursday, December 18, 2008

activity menu challenge: update cancelled

Tomorrow was supposed to be the next update for my Winter Activity Menu Challenge -- but with the last 2 weeks consisting of sickness in my household (of several natures), my menu was sort of a bust. And with the craziness of the Christmas season in full swing, I figured we'd post-pone the next update for a few weeks.

Come back on Monday, January 5th to post your menu for the first two full weeks of January -- and then return again on January 16th for the update of those two weeks.

Make sense? Good!


melanie said...

Makes sense!

Hope everyone is feeling better.

Pam said...

Oh thank goodness! I was worried that between my sickness and Riley's sickness I was going to have to post that I am the world's lamest mom ever and didn't do a darn thing except take my kid to Kids' Club. We have done lots of normal running around for the holidays and last minute shopping, but nothing I planned or posted. Thanks for taking the burden off until after the new year- I feel much more like I can get a handle on it all again then!