Friday, December 5, 2008

photostory friday: every cloud has a silver lining

(This is the right week for the Winter Activity Menu Challenge...I just haven't gotten around to posting mine yet. I'll get it up tonight and add Mr. Linky)
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I don't know about you -- but I hate the short days in winter. It's too dark first thing in the morning that it makes it hard to get up and start the day. And it gets dark too early in the evening which makes me feel way too tired and lazy.

But they say that every cloud has a silver lining...while that may not necessarily be true (I'm sure there's a cloud out there that doesn't have a silver lining), I have discovered the silver lining to this particular 'cloud.'

In the longer days of summer, I miss watching the sun rise. But these days, I get greeted in the morning by beautiful sights such as these:

So, this cloud isn't merely lined with silver -- it's also lined with bright colors such as oranges, pinks, reds, purples, and blues.
And it brings something positive to my otherwise dreary mornings.


melanie said...

Definitely silver lining!! Amazing pictures.

I posted my winter challenge post today. Do I have the wrong week?

Michelle said...

I hate the shorter days too!

Great shots!

pam d said...

Beautiful! Just think, only a little more than 2 weeks till the days start getting longer again!

common mom said...


I love seeing those colors as the sun sets behind my mountains . . . one good thing about the cooler weather :-)

Not long before we get to start adding a minute or two each day!

ValleyGirl said...

Awesome pictures!!! I really think the sunrises and sets have better colours in the winter.

Kelly said...

I need to join S.L.A (sky lovers anonymous) I am addicted to the sky. I love sunsets, sunrises, clouds, and stars! Your pictures are beautiful so I can only imagine what it looked like in person. It was beautiful around my place this morning too!

Anonymous said...

Who needs silver when u have those awesome colors?

Chris said...

I love the light of sunrise -- both cool and warm at the same time!
These are beautiful.