Monday, January 5, 2009

you know you're getting old when...

It was shortly before 9am.
I was sitting at my desk at work.
A co-worker (a young one who isn't quite out of her teens yet) comes over to say good-morning.
She then turns around to walk over to say hi to her Mom, who also works with me.

Since we were still all participating in the conversation together, I also turn around.
It was then that I saw it.
"Stephanie," I say. "You have a sticker on the back of your leg."

I get up to walk the three steps over to her.
I bend over.
I reach out to peel the said sticker off of her pants.

It was then that I realized it.
It wasn't a sticker.
It was a logo.
And it was supposed to be there.

She had a good laugh at my expense.
That I had no idea what Lululemon pants were.
How was I supposed to know?

In my defense...
The horse-shoe-like logo was not on the top of the pants as shown in this picture.
Oh no. This logo was on the back of the left pant leg, around knee-length.
And it was off-centre.

Totally looked like a sticker to me. know when you're getting old when you mistake a supposedly popular name brand logo for a sticker that's not supposed to be there.


Pam said...

I would have done the same thing! I don't even know half the name brands that my students wear! I'm really not up to date on the latest fashions!

ValleyGirl said...

Just shrug it off ~ you get used to it after a couple of years!!! (sadly, I'm totally speaking from experience...)

Rebecca said...

I haven't heard of those pants either. And the logo being knee length & off center no less, totally would have bugged me & I might still have tried to take it off. ;)

andrea said...

too funny! i guess you and I can be old together! seeing though it's your birthday soon...welcome to the side of comfort before style!

Margo said...

Heehee - that's very funny. I guess since I have teens myself I do know lululemon ~ even shopped there a little for Christmas (head bands, not clothes as they are SO expensive!). See - you'll feel "in the loop" again when your kids are a little older.

Leeann said...

I hope it's only a Canadian brand...or I'm getting old too. Never heard of it...

Bailey said...

it is yoga-wear... has been in other cities (like Vancouver) much longer than in Wpg (only in Polo Park here). It is... ahem... very form-fitting stuff... so I can't imagine wearing it to work!!

Sheila said...

haha, never heard of it either...I'll stick to Wal Mart!!