Sunday, February 15, 2009

in the key of A-minor

Do you ever feel like you're in the minority? The only working mom in your neighborhood. Or the only single person in your group of friends. Or the only over-weight one in your family. And the list could go on...

Well, I feel like the minority at my place of work. I have been blessed with wonderful co-workers, and even though I only go to work 1-2 days a week, I am still included in the young "in" group who has breakfast every morning together and goes out for lunch together on Fridays.

So why do I feel like I'm the minority in this group?

Because I don't believe in the following:
1) pre-marital sex
2) getting drunk & going to see strippers (married or not!)
3) cursing -- especially taking the Lord's name in vain

While I often struggle with being the only Christian in my group of work friends, I'm trying to look at the opportunities it holds for me. I'm not one to push my faith on others, but they all know where I stand and what my beliefs are.

And lately, I have been able to expand a bit on those beliefs as one particular co-worker has been asking me a lot of questions. While it makes me a bit anxious to come up with the right answers to some difficult questions ("If there is a God why are there so many starving children in Africa?"), it's also exciting to be a part of this.

I may not lead this particular co-worker to a relationship with Christ -- but I may be planting seeds which could eventually blossom into something beautiful.

So while singing in the key of A-minor (get it? I'm a minor-ity...yeah, I thought it was clever!) may not be the easiest key to sing in...sometimes it can be the sweetest sound.


amy said...

you are so creative..I too feel like I am in the minority at work tonight!! If you could have heard the conversations

andrea said...

that's how I went to school and grew up being the only one with faith.I do believe it has helped me to this day ...just loving on others, befriending and supporting. About that question about thinking is God has given us the resources to feed our world. We and especially those wealthy are not willing what God has entrusted them, and hoard it for them themselves. God has given us the means to help, but that doesn't mena we do. there is plenty for money and food in this world to feed everyone ...but we just have got to let go and willing give...thinking beyond ourselves. rather the newest house, fancy car are more important than starving children!!!
ok, you know how I feel about this already, it's way too near and dear to me!
Keep shining your light! God has put you in your job for a reason!

Colleen said...

Hey Andrea. . .keep on keepin on!. . .I found those situations totally intimidating for the longest time. ..always worried and feeling like I wasn't "qualified" to give the proper textbook answers. . .but then I decided that the best answer was often just admitting that I didn't know all the answers but the one thing I did know was all the ways the Lord had stepped into my life and made a difference. . .and once I started talking about those types of things it got waaaay easier and it also makes it harder for people to challenge you or get into unhealthy types of arguments.. .how can anyone argue with what God's done for you? Just might be a good place to start. . .hope it helps. . .way to go. . .God will use you.

Bailey said...

I'm reading "Too Christian, Too Pagan" right now, and it would encourage you that you might be right where you're supposed to be! (good book!)

Roo said...

that is very very cool andrea! :)

Roo said...

i was gonna echo andreas comment -- "God HAS put you at your job for a reason"....and making money is the least of those reasons.


Kathy and Carl said...

I'm so proud of you. Good for you to keep connected with people that make you the minority. It's a good place to be, because we are constantly reminded of those that need a relationship with God. I'll continue to pray for you!

Louise said...

I totally agree with Roo...there is a reason for you being there. Let your light shine.

Pam said...

Good for you! I know it might not feel the most comfortable for you- but you are in that place for a reason. God is using you - and as you said, it may be in ways you won't see the end result for, but at least you are starting the process!

Jamie said...

Good for you...I don't have many opportunities like that since I'm at home all the time and all my friends are from church, but I often wonder how I'd respond to those kind of questions.

And yes, you may never know if these people eventually find Christ, but you are planting seeds! God is using you.

Jen said...

GOOD for you Andrea! It's refreshing to see someone actually say what they believe and be willing to share that with others.

On a lighter note, I used to work in a place where there were curse words galore. They made me cringe, but I just wouldn't say anything about it offending me. One day, I smashed my finger and instead of swearing, one of the terms an old room mate used came blurting out without me even thinking about it. I screamed "SWEARWORD" at the top of my lungs. The whole office stopped and then they started to laugh. The ironic thing is they thought it was so funny they stopped using their horrible language around me and said "swearword" instead just b/c it cracked them up. At least I didn't have to hear the foul language anymore.

Too bad I wasn't as awesome as you and made an opportunity out of it to teach them, darn it.

Pamela said...

Keep singing!