Thursday, April 2, 2009

mi casa est sous casa mi castle...apparantly

The other morning as I was relaxing in bed (long past regular hours, thanks to spring break!), Malia came upstairs needing a favour.

She was carrying a large Tupperware container filled with Goldfish crackers and she needed help opening it. You know -- so her and her sister could have something to snack on while waiting for their lazy mama to get out of bed to feed them a real breakfast.

"Your Majesty," she says. "Can you open this for me?"

I laughed at her choice of words, never having heard her refer to me as such before, and happily gave her my assistance.

"Thank-you, your Majesty" she replied as she exited the Queen's chambers.


Louise said...

Tooo cute :)
Love that!

Don't you just love the laziness of spring break?!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's hilarious! Ah, sweet sleep ins, crackers for 1st breakfast. How great is that?!

Margo said...

Adorable! See how highly your princesses esteem you?

Pamela said...

The things kids say, eh?

Joanna said...

Now that is just cute. Long live the queen!