Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what's wrong with this picture?

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Les came home from work one night last week with a basket of goodies for me (let's just say it had been a rough day).

He filled it with some of my favorite things -- flowers, Mexican Chili chips, Bits 'n' Bites, Kit-Kat bars, Aero bars and...2 cans of iced tea???

We've been together for over 8 years -- you'd think he would know me better than that!!

(For the record: I'm not complaining -- I was very touched by his thoughtfulness -- but I did have fun teasing him that he forgot my #1 most favorite thing!)


Kathy and Carl said...

Ice tea? In a can? Was it at least Nestle's?!

Also another thing that is missing is Almond Roca, or a Milky Way Bar....or maybe that's just me!!

It was a very nice gesture from your sweet husband. Hope it made your day.

ValleyGirl said...

I see he's being very supportive of your weight loss efforts!! ;) You gotta love gifts like that though, eh? What a thoughtful thing for him to do. (Even without the Pepsi!)

Jamie said...

Wow! That is so thoughtful! And the fact that he put it together so nicely in a basket--that's awesome!

Louise said...

LOL that is too funny!! Even I thought of Pepsi right away and we've never even met...lol!!
Very thoughtful though!!!

andrea said...

sweet and thoughtful...even if Pepsi wasn't in there. that's an awesome pick-me up though!

Sheila said...

Aww what a sweet sweet man you got! But I had to giggle about the iced tea!! Hey, he did it about 99% right!

Kelly said...

What, no Pepsi? Even I saw that one coming. lol