Sunday, June 21, 2009

be thou my vision

Several weeks ago, Les and I went shopping for plants, seeds and flowers for our gardens. It was a rare sunny day at that point in our pathetically cool & cloudy spring, so I was donning my sunglasses to protect my eyes from that blinding yellow ball in the sky.

I was slowly walking through the aisles of beautiful flowers, occasionally picking up a particular plant that I loved, placing it into our cart. I had what I thought was a beautiful arrangement of bright colored beauties when Les pointed out what he said was a bright purple-colored plant that I was still looking for.

"That's not purple," I said. "It's called pink and I already have pink flowers in the cart."

"Uhh...An..." he replied. "It's definitely purple."

I never thought that my husband was color-blind before, but it was obvious at that point that he was. I took off my sunglasses to get a better look at the color to prove him wrong, when I noticed that...he. was. right.

It was most definitely a bright purple flower.

In fact, my sunglasses had changed the colors in my vision so drastically that all of the flowers I had already chosen were nothing like the flowers that I thought I had picked.

Instead of bright pinks, purples & blues...they were the palest blues and purples I had ever seen. Nothing eye-catching like what I had wanted. I ended up putting everything back and starting from scratch again -- this time without my sunglasses so I could get the true effect of the colors. I'm just glad I realized it before I got home and was ready to plant them!

Sometimes in life I think we walk around with 'sunglasses' on...seeing things in a different light than what is really true. Something can look so appealing to us through these sunglasses, when in the end it's not really what we wanted. After taking the glasses off, we realize our vision was skewed and we ended up with the consequences of making our decision through tinted glasses.

I want to live my life with my sunglasses off. I want to look at things through Jesus' eyes. I want my vision to be clear; to see things for what they really are instead of getting a false glimpse which will only take me down a road of hurt & disappointment.

...but I'm still going to put my actual sunglasses on when it's a sunny day! :)


Pam said...

great post!

melanie said...

What a great metaphor!! Perfect!

Melissa said...

Fantastic as usual:)

TammyIsBlessed said...

How do always come up with such great analogies?! Great post.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Thanks for the encouragement!