Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how many did you get right?

Okay, I finally have the answers to the 25 Questions about me. Every answer has a link (or two) where you can read up on it if you want to.

1. Who got me started on blogging to begin with? My old neighbor Erin did -- read it here.

2. How many nieces & nephews do I have? 6 nieces and two nephews

3. How many years have Les and I been married? We celebrated our 7th Anniversary last September.

4. Where did Les and I have our first kiss? Find the answer here.

5. What used to be my favorite season? Fall

6. What is now my favorite season? Summer

7. What is my #1 choice of beverage? (if anybody gets this wrong, I'll be very surprised!) Pepsi, of course!

8. What was the hardest thing I had to give up when I got married? I think only 1 person got this one right: My Church

9. Do we have a real or fake Christmas tree? Real

10. When I go shopping for myself...what is my biggest weakness? I would accept accesories for this answer, but I was really going for purses.

11. How old was I when I got my ears pierced? 29 years young

12. What was the name of my 'blog carnival' that I tried (unsuccessfully) to launch? Winter Activity Menu Challenge

13. What is the thing I am most scared of, weather-wise? Tornados

14. What is the word I made up to use in place of 'meme'? Hoopla

15. What is the word I made up to use in place of 'tag'? High-Five

16. How old did I turn on my last birthday? Thirty

17. When I'm at work, what beverage do I like to drink with my morning piece of toast and cheese whiz? a cup of hot tea

18. What is my biggest regret in life? I was surprised that not many people knew this one either. Read about it here.

19. What is my least-liked facial feature? My nose (go to the bottom of the linked post)

20. What is my favorite TV show of all time? Friends, of course!

21. What kind of birthday cakes did I make for Joelle and Malia for their latest birthdays? See here for Joelle's cake and here for Malia's cake. I have to say, I'm very proud of my pieces of art!
22. What do I claim to have as a rare talent? This is another one that most people didn't get. Check out the answer in these two posts here and here.

23. What is my least favorite household chore? Laundry! (also see here and here)

24. What is the scariest thing that has happened to me while at work? I experienced stroke-like symptoms and had to get taken to the hospital.

25. Which of my daughters got the black eye in fall, and which one got the fat lip? Joelle got the black eye and Malia got the fat lip.

Thanks to those who played along!


TammyIsBlessed said...

OK, I got 8, 18 and 22 wrong. And I definitely should not have gotten #22 wrong since I was one of the beneficiaries of said talent :)

And, in my defense, as soon as I read someone else's correct guesses of 8 and 18, I knew they were right. Ya know, a "Duh, I knew that!" moment. Does that sorta count? :)

Kathy and Carl said...

I think I did pretty good. There were a few that I didn't get, but hey, no is perfect! But the only one I can't figure out is the hot tea at work? What?! When did you start drinking tea? Look, it's either a glass of water, or a Pepsi if it's Andrea. Andrea? Andrea? :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

How fun! All I know is I'm with ya on most of these. Is there ANYONE whom really likes laundry? Oh man I hope not.

jackie said...

sorry i didn't do the quiz before!!! but looking at the answers, i think i would have gotten almost all of the answers right! i think!

Jamie said...

I think I got a lot more wrong than I thought.

Can I you for your rare talent? :)