Tuesday, July 7, 2009

there's no use crying over spilled milk...

...or watered down Pepsi.

But that's exactly what I felt like doing this afternoon. Me and the girls were having leftover tacos, beans and rice for lunch (courtesy of my Mom from supper last night) and I felt like having some Pepsi with it -- 'cause, you know...you can't really have tacos without Pepsi. In fact, I think it's a rule or something.

There was exactly 1 can of this liquid gold beverage left in the fridge, and I decided that since I shouldn't be having much of it anyway, that I would split it 3 ways with the girls (well, truth be told -- I had a slightly bigger portion but still...) so we each had a little cup-full. It's the small treats like this that keep me going on my journey to weight loss.

I had drank about 1/2 of my portion, enjoying each delightful sip, when the phone rang. As I left the table to talk to Les on the phone, I noticed Malia was at the water cooler putting extra water in her cup. We usually still water their pop down -- and I had actually already told her that I put some water in already -- but I don't really care how watered-down they make their pop, since they still drink it. When I turned around again, I noticed that my cup was slightly fuller than when I had left the table to answer the phone.


Just when I realized what had happened, Malia was back at the water cooler, and this time I actually saw her dump her even-more-watered-down drink into my own cup.

"Malia...no!" I barked out, causing her to stop in her tracks.

But it was too late.

My beloved glass of Pepsi was ruined.

It was twice-watered-down.

This may sound absurdly rediculous to all of you -- but this is just one example of how extreme my emotions are these days -- but I almost burst into tears.

I had been thoroughly enjoying this cold treat, making sure I paced myself so it would last me for the duration of my meal. It was the last can of Pepsi in our house and now it was gone.

Yes, there may be no use crying over spilled milk -- or watered-down Pepsi. But try telling that to my emotionally sensitive self when logic just doesn't register.


Kelly said...

If it makes you feel any better I cried once because my last cupcake fell on the ground and got covered in dirt. I had set it down till I was able to put the kids to bed and really enjoy it and boom!

andrea said...

oh no! that is so frustrating! especially when you were savouring your treat! hopefully the rest of your day went ok despite the watery liquid in your glass...thinking and praying for you!

Kathy and Carl said...

Well, if the cry will make you feel better, then there is use. Sorry about your pepsi. Sometimes it's just the little things that can put a damper on the day...but it's also little things that can brighten. Hope you have some of those little brighener things!

Margo said...

I totally get how you would cry over watered-down Pepsi. When life is difficult anyway, and 1/3 of a can of Pepsi is a highlight of the day, having that taken away is huge. I'll admit to sometimes taking the phone off the hook when I want to enjoy my M&Ms with no interruptions. Seems a little pathetic, but hey...gotta make the most of little pleasures.

jackie said...

oh andrea. i can totally see how upsetting that could be, how it could just put you over the top. hang in there. this lifestyle change is sooooo hard - but if anyone can do it - you can!

Pam said...

if it helps any- I would have cried too! As a matter of fact- I do cry over things like this often. We are having such a tough time with Riley that anytime something does not go according to my plan, I drop some tears. I understand completely- when you are trying so hard to keep it all together and gain some control on things- anything can be the final straw before the tears come. I am thinking of you and I love ya girl!!

Joanna said...

I will cry with you! That is just wrong on so many levels.

A moment of silence for the ruined Pepsi.