Saturday, October 3, 2009

my precious princess

I didn't post anything on Malia's actual birthday -- October 1st. The main reason for that was because we only had her party last night, so up until now I didn't have any good cake pictures or anything. (And if I'm being honest -- Thursday was a no-good-very-bad-day that I'd just as soon forget anyway).

I had such a fun time making this Barbie/Princess cake yesterday. I have wanted my girls to choose a cake like this for the last few years -- but everytime I would show them some options on the internet, they would always end up picking something else (usually along the lines of an insect -- butterfly, ladybug, bumblebee...). But this year, I finally persuaded Malia that it would be so much fun to have a cake like this.

And I have to admit, it turned out pretty darned good (especially since you can't see the back)!

Malia was obviously quite impressed as well, as every 1/2 hour or so, she would climb up onto a bar stool and just stare at her pretty cake, not making a peep. And as much as I hate showing the side profile of my cake, I couldn't resist posting this picture.

For her party, we had 2 of her most favorite people in the world over for a pizza supper. They happen to be good friends of mine & Les', but her eyes light up like a million watts whenever she sees them, as they have had a huge impact on her short life so far. So thanks Paul & Laurel for making this a special birthday for our little miss Malia.

Now my 'baby' is four years old. Hard to believe, but it's true. And as much as I wish I could freeze time -- or even go back a little bit to treasure those last moments of baby'ism -- I had no trouble saying "NO WAY!" to her this morning when she asked if she could go back into my tummy.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl. Terrible's Two's might have been bad...and Thundering Threes might have been considerably worse...but nothing has prepared me for the Phenomenally Horrible Four's!! But I love her through it all and I am still proud of the little girl she is becoming. I just hope she grows out of this attitude sooner rather than we have a bit of time before the Teenage attitude starts rearing its ugly head!

I love you, Malia! Your strong will may prove to be very difficult for us to deal with, but I pray that as you grow up, you will use your strong will to make good decisions for your life.


ValleyGirl said...

Maybe she's just getting it all out of the way now, so you can both just effortlessly sail through her teenage years!!

You did an awesome job on the cake ~ and letting Malia wear such a beautiful dress to eat it!!!!

Andrea said...

That was her flowergirl dress from earlier in summer. By next summer it will be too small on her anyway -- so it's pretty much a dress-up item around here these days. :) She might as well get all the use out of it as she can! She's also going to wear it for Halloween!

Melanie said...

Okay, so wait--- 3 is worse than 2? And 4 is worse than that? I don't know if I can handle that!!

But seriously- you already know that I LOVE that cake!! So if you could make one for Hailey's party next Saturday it would be much appreciated ;)

christy said...

that is a beautiful cake!!!

Kathy and Carl said...

The cake is serious awesome. Good for you. Someone, somewhere told us that the things about our kids that drive us nuts and make those terrible two's and thundering three's so unbearable are the qualities that when they are adults, will be their most enduring qualities.

It's just that I'm not sure how Asha's throwing herself on the floor screaming will help her in the corporate world...?

Here's to Phenomenal Fours Malia!

Jamie said...

I love that cake! You did an amazing job! Any pointers? I also hope to do that for my daughter one day. (Like how did you make that cake shape and get it to bake all the way through???)

PS Malia is such a cute little girl!!!

Kelly said...

I soooo want to make one of these for Lyndsy this year! Your's is going to be hard to live up to though. You did a good job.

Joanna said...

Oh the look on her face - just cute!

I am impressed with that cake! You did a great job.