Friday, October 16, 2009

works for me!

I know a lot of you don't follow my other blog (okay -- my other 2 blogs), and I don't blame you! They are more for me documenting things for myself that I don't need to clog up my regular blog with.

But this deserves special mention. A lot of you probably know that I started up a Biggest Loser competition in my neighborhood (and surrounding areas). With the help of the extra motivation of being accountable to team-mates (and let's be honest...for bragging rights -- and the potential of winning prize money), I have pushed myself far enough to have lost a substantial amount of weight in the past 4 months.

In fact, as of 7:45 this morning, my amount of weight loss has officially hit the 30 pound mark. That's right -- I, overweight for my entire adult life (and longer), am finally winning the battle! I still have a ways to go -- at least another 20 pounds if not 30 -- but now I know that is it possible.

So how did I do it? Just what the comic strip above says: Eat less and excercise more! Yes, it really is that simple. I have not cut out a single thing from my diet. I still eat pizza, still drink Pepsi, still eat my daughter's birthday cakes. In fact, that's why it works. Because I am not denying myself of anything. I am simply eating in moderation -- an art that took me many years to learn.

And it's true what they say -- just by doing one or the other, eating less or excercising, it's not going to work. They go together hand-in-hand. Just like chips & salsa. Or Ross & Rachel. Or Pepsi and Andrea. They are a Dynamic Duo that require each other in order to be a true success.

I don't count points, I don't measure out portions. That might work wonders for some people -- but it's too much stress for me! I simply take smaller portions, refrain from second helpings, and limit my Pepsi and my snacking -- especially in the evenings.

Here is a recent picture of me when I had was just shy of the 25 pound mark. I am modeling a pair of my new -- smaller sized -- jeans. Which are already getting too big on me, I might add!

I have been told by many people that my weight loss has been an inspiration to them. Do you know how long I have wanted to be that person? It was always everybody else that was that person to me. But now that I have found what works -- you know, that crazy 'fad' diet! -- I get to spread the inspiration on to others. And that makes me feel very proud of my accomplishments!

**If you want to follow along more closely with my weight loss journey, check out my other blog, mission: possible **


Anonymous said...

You look awesome! I am trying to eat less, exercise is not easy!

oh, my goodness, I have those same curtains. I love that fabric. My friend made them for me.
Cherry Blossom

Kathy and Carl said...

How awesome are you! I'm so proud of you. And so everytime I think of trying to loose a few Christmas pounds, I'm going to think, "Andrea's less, exercise more....or....Ross and Rachel!". Ha ha.

TammyIsBlessed said...

You're looking great Andrea - isn't it worth all the hard work?! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you look, An! Just wait until the next SBC reunion...I'll be all by myself in the chubby corner...:( It was fun while it lasted. No, really, I'm just kidding. But, you ARE inspiring. Maybe you could have a talk with my exercise bike and tell it to start making a difference! :) Way to go, by the way!!!

amy said...

awesome amd motivAting..congrats on the loss!

andrea said...

i laughed reading about Ross and Rachel...funny but oh, so true!
you are doing awesome! and truly inspiring! love you!

Margo said...

Way to go Andrea! I'm so proud of you! You look amazing!

Roo said...

you lookamazing!! and wow....amazing accomplishment too!!!

Joanna said...

Good for you!! That is hard to eat in moderation. Especially when I tend to emotionally eat when everyone else is in bed.