Sunday, November 1, 2009

and we'll have fun! fun! fun! till my daddy takes the t-bird candy away

I love the fun that my kids have on Halloween. Dressing up in cute outfits (I'm against anything ghost-goblin-witch-scary-related) and getting free candy. What could be better?

And so far I love that their costumes have been mostly made out of things we already have at home -- or from the dollar store! For Joelle's school party on Friday she was a beautiful butterfly.

And for the actual trick-or-treating, she went as Merriweather -- the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty. I know, it's not a beautiful flowy dress or anything, but she was just as happy with this!

Malia was a princess for both her pre-school party and trick-or-treating. We used the flowergirl dress she had from my cousin's wedding in summer and a tiara (which somehow didn't make it into the picture).
And now we are left with mounds and mounds of chocolate & candy -- more than what we know what to do with. You know it's an over-abundance when you still have a stash of last year's treats hanging around.

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Kathy and Carl said...

That is a crazy amount of candy. Our kids just got candy baskets, because we have a serious candy monster named A-S-H-A, who when she discovers you can go door to door, will dress up every day!

The girls look so cute. Glad they had a fun time.