Saturday, December 19, 2009

just thinking "out loud" (so to speak)

Tonight when I was driving home from a night out in the city (30 minutes from home), I made a wrong turn. Well, not necessarily a 'wrong' turn -- but not the turn I was intending to make. It simply put me on a different path towards home. Perhaps it was longer distance-wise, but time-wise it was likely shorter (due to lights and speed limits, etc.).

I don't know why I turned where I did; it was never my intention. But yet, for some reason, subconsciously, I made the decision to turn right instead of going straight. At first I just shrugged and thought "Oh well" and continued on my way.

Then I got to thinking (well, over-thinking is likely a more accurate term). What if there was a reason I turned here instead? What if it was really an act of a guardian angel that caused me to change my planned route home? What if I had carried on the path I had originally set out for myself and I ended up getting into a car accident? What if making this sudden and unexpected subconscious decision just saved my life?

And then I thought...what if making this 'wrong' turn resulted in me getting in an accident? What if making this sudden and unexpected subconcious decision just put my life in danger?

I didn't let this over-reactive thinking continue for long, as I belted away with the Christmas songs playing on the radio and soon got distracted from it all. But it was an interesting thought for a minute or two as I reminded myself that whatever happened, God was in control. There was no need for me to wonder one way or the other how this random decision would affect my life. That things that are out of my control should just be left up to God and not consume my thoughts with worry or anxiety. That I need to remember to trust in the Lord, my Saviour, in all things.

Yup, I got all of that from making an unexpected turn.

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Sheila said...

You know, I think just like that too! So you're not alone!