Saturday, December 26, 2009

since you've been out of my life
things are not the same
i miss you

i know this is for the best;
it's how it has to be
there's no way around it

but it doesn't make it hurt any less...

i often wonder why
it had to happen like this
where did we go wrong?

i never saw it coming
i always thought you'd be
someone i could count on
but yet here we are
no longer in each other's lives

i can't share my triumphs with you
or my sadness
or just the day-to-day stuff of life

no more celebrations
no more laughter
no more tears
there is nothing...

nothing but memories
of what we used to share
and even those are tainted now

i have forgiven you

as i hope you have me

yet we still must remain this way
even though it causes pain...

it's hard to say good-bye
when you didn't even know it was time
so, farewell to you

i hope life treats you kind...


Melissa said...

That just made me cry I really am missing her too:(

a friend said...

it may hurt, but she is probably moving on in her life and its nice to see that you are too (or want to). i am positive that other people need you in their live's much more. they are just waiting for you to open the door. praying!

Kathy and Carl said...

Life never promises to be easy, but I'm glad that you have the strength to move on. It's for the better. And if things should change, well, Praise God!

Gin said...

You encourage me with your writing. I have a friendship that is melting away and it's difficult to understand why. Nothing happened but the friendship is disappearing. I've tried to encourage it but it takes two, as you well know. Thanks for putting a voice to some of what I'm dealing with.

andrea said...

Losing friendships are super tough! I recall how much you admired her and how much you cared...sometimes relationships just don't make sense. just pray for her! your friendship may feel over but God still has the power to change the outcome...He loves you both so much! beautiful words! Andrea, youa re sucha caring friend!