Wednesday, March 17, 2010

help wanted!

At the end of December, I decided that I was going to read through the entire Bible in the year 2010 -- from cover to cover. I haven't done that since I was in Bible School and it was an assignment that I had to do.

That was 12 years ago. So I figured it was high time that I get re-acquainted with all of the books of the Bible. So I joined my sister (and many others) on a reading plan -- in the chronological order of how the Bible was written -- to accomplish this goal.

But I am struggling.

Not that I am behind -- I am right up to where I should be with the schedule. But the problem is that I am not enjoying it. At the beginning I was...I would soak it all up and get really excited about it. But now that I am 2 1/2 months into it, it sounds bad to say it, but the novelty is wearing off.

It feels like now it is more of a chore than something I want to do. And that's a bad feeling for me. It's not that I don't want to do daily readings in my Bible -- but I'm starting to think that I would maybe get more out of it if I were to follow a devotional book. Goodness knows I have plenty of those kicking around that I've never really used. Perhaps it's time I dust one of those off instead..?

But on the other hand, I would feel like a failure if I gave up on this Bible reading plan. But if I'm not really getting anything out of it, wouldn't it be better to give a devotional book a chance?

So I'm torn. What are your thoughts? Have you read the Bible in a year and struggled with the same things? Should I just give it more time, or should I re-vamp my Bible reading to better suit my spiritual needs at this point? Feedback is definitely welcome...please!


andrea said...

i too was working on doing that sort of thing this year.mid-feb i stopped that and concentrating on reading and studying it rather than to 'get it done'...i agree that reading it is very important but that stress of the off chance of missing a day...was too much!
i'd love to say that i'm a finisher and hate leaving stuff that midway. give yourself 2 years or a different time frame, that may work better for you. kinda reminds me of babies and their schedule...i felt like a failure as my kiddos all did 48 hour schedules to the minute. but it worked to me after I stopped feeling guilty of not fitting in to what other mother's did. does that make sense? do what works for'll get more out of it...just my two cents.
i love the new look! what a surprise!

LaughingLady said...

I did it for the first time over two years instead of one. Ten or eleven chapters per week is very doable. After going through it once in two years, I wanted to go through it a little faster to get a better idea of the overall picture. Two years stretches it out so much that you lose some of the connections between the Old and New Testaments. At least, I found I did. That was the main reason I wanted to read it in a shorter time this time 'round.

But I do miss having the time to be able to journal through it. I find that approach just takes too much time on top of the reading now, especially if I'm consulting a commentary yet too, for a difficult or hard-to-understand portion.

If you're doing it to say you've read through it in its entirety, definitely allow yourself a bit more time so it doesn't feel like a huge obligation.

Or ~ assuming you haven't tried this yet ~ ask God for an unquenchable thirst for His Word. Ask Him to make you hungry for more. He really will! And then it will actually become something you DESIRE, not just one more goal you promised yourself you'd be able to cross off the list.

Regina said...

Hey hun! It has been a while since I have been to your spot (facebook consumes my time LOL!). But I did the read through once and it felt great so I decided to take it a step further. I bought a chronological bible and was determined to read it through that way! yeeeaaaahh, well that ended after about 4 weeks. Don't know why but I just could not stay focused, so I am back to my regular bible and my regular skipping around! maybe I'll try it again some day...maybe!
Stay blessed hun!

Regina said...

By the way the blog looks FABULOUS!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Since it's my blog I'm a little biased :)

But really, my motivation for doing it the first year was twofold - first I had never read through the Bible before, and second I was not following through on having a regular devotion time and I'm the type of person that needs a specific goal in order to accomplish it.

However, last year I had the same problem as you - I sometimes felt like I was reading just for the sake of reading. And though I do feel that I still got something out of it, I wanted more this year. So that's why I started the blog - it would make me go beyond reading, to stuyding the Word.

However, you don't have to read through the Bible in a year in order to accomplish that. If that's not just not working for you, pick a different, but indepth form of bible study. As long as you're studying the Bible I don't think it matters much which chapters you're doing which days!

I liked this approach because I wanted to get a better sense of how the Bible fit together as a whole.

You need to do what's going to work for you.

But, like Tammi suggested, praying that God would give you a thirst for His Word, and praying before the start of each day's reading, will likely have a big impact too.