Friday, March 5, 2010

just a glimpse

This is what Joelle typed out on the computer the other day (I'll translate, since a few of the words aren't q-u-i-t-e right):

Joelle and Malia's Typing Journal
Cat sat on the mat
Dog sat on the bat
Earth in the night
Fish in the sky
Aliens on earth
I don't know why they all do that but I can not do anything about it to change.

That is just a small glimpse into what goes on in that 6 year old head of hers. She is just so precious.


Kathy and Carl said...

How cool is that?! Isn't it amazing when they can write? It's like when they started to talk, you had this opportunity to find out what they are thinking. Just wait, all those stories that will get poured out for everyone to enjoy!

Manderiffic said...

You're blog was featured as Today's random blog of the day on my blog Draw A Blank!