Thursday, March 4, 2010

just like mom's grandma's

You know how everybody thinks their Mom is the best cook/baker? Of course I also think this of my own mother (the only difference is that I am right...hee hee), so to think that I could ever make one of her recipes as good as her would be a huge compliment.

But you wanna know what would be just as good of a compliment? To hear that something I made is as good as my Grandma's!

Shortly after I became a Mom myself, over 6 years ago, I figured it was time that I learned a few new domestic features -- such as baking my own bread. My Mom came over one day to teach me how to make her recipe of bread (which of course was passed on to her from her own Mom).

I was very proud of my efforts and thought that my bread tasted pretty darned good...but it just wasn't the same as my Mom's, and because of that I was slightly disappointed in myself. But then I sent a loaf along with my Mom when she went to visit my Grandma. And what did my Grandma say when she tasted my bread?

That it tasted a lot like her own...

Now that is a compliment that I will treasure forever. Not only that, but every time I bake bread (which I did again just last week) I think about my Grandma. Of course it also makes me miss her more, but I also think of it as something special that we share, just the two of us.


andrea said...

precious! what a gift of words! i'd love to try this amazing bread one day!i have heard so much about it!

Hilary Dueck said...

Wow! Those loaves look perfect! Good for you to make bread! I made bread once right after we were married and it was a disaster! It didn't ever rise. I left it in the oven with just the light on. (you know, for a little warmth) The yeast was all right! I left it for two hours and whatever. I still think I did everything right! So I baked it anyway!! It came out as one solid brick!! Rick could have had it to build with! So I stuck it in the freezer and through it out a week later. And got a bread maker.

Kathy and Carl said...

That is just awesome. Taking after your grandmother, carrying on a legacy.

Unfortunately I don't bake bread, but if I did, I would hope I could make it as good as my grandma.

Margo said...

That's very sweet Andrea. I've been thinking about her this morning ~ even before I read your post. What a special memory. Yes, Grandma and home-made bread sure do go together :) Your loaves look delicious! Take a bite for me, ok??

Sheila said...

That's pretty awesome! I really need to do that with my mom -- I'd love to learn how to bake bread!!!