Thursday, March 18, 2010

meal of the week: #1

After months of saying I was going to get back into menu planning -- I have finally done it! It's only been 2 weeks now, but it's amazing how much of a difference it makes. Not only do I know ahead of time what I'm making for supper, but it lessens the urge to order in. Plus it spurs me to make bigger & better meals for my family -- and to top if all off, I'm even enjoying my time in the kitchen a lot more! Who knew?!

I thought in order to help keep me going on this once-again-re-discovered good habit that I would start posting a picture (and recipe) of one of my suppers each week. I may not quite catch every week, but I'm gonna try!

So without further is Meal of the Week: #1

Pigs in a Blanket using this recipe.

French Fries

And a Mandarin & Almond Salad

The salad is made by simply adding mandarin oranges and shredded almonds to your romaine lettuce. The salad dressing is equal parts vinegar, sugar and cooking oil.

This is a wonderful kid-friendly meal that is simple to make and can also be a big hit with adults too.

Tip: You could also just make the Piggies for an appetizer at a party you are going to.


Kathy and Carl said...

I love the new layout!

And I think meal planning is such a sanity saver. It's a bit to get going, but grocery shopping is much easier and there's no staring into the freezer at 5:30 wondering what's for supper. I love the supper you shared. Will give it a try!

Jamie said...

I love menu planning too. Saves on supper time stress and saves money; you're not constantly running to the store.

That recipe for the dough of pigs in a blanket sounds really good. I think I'll try it next time I make that, instead of buying Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! Thanks!

margo said...

I love that salad! I add a few extras like cauliflower, green onions, celery (stuff the kids would probably not like). Seeing this picture made me so hungry for it that it is now on our menu for tonight :)
I used to menu plan too and loved it. I've gotten out of the habit, but should really get back to it ~ such a good practice.