Wednesday, April 21, 2010

who's the fool?

Our kids generally do not listen to secular music. One of my biggest pet peeves is having young children running around singing lyrics with sexual innuendos (some cleverly subtle, others not-so-much). I refuse to have young daughters who know the words to "It's getting hot in herre" or "Loosen up my buttons", etc. So around here it's kid's music or our local Christian radio station or our collection of contemporary Christian artists.

But last week I made an exception. See, I just purchased my very own copy of Roxette's Greatest Hits and I was so pumped about it that I just had to listen to it in the van...and at home. This CD brings me back to my young single days when I was living with my 3 wonderful roommates. The memories that come flooding back when I hear this music is almost more enjoyable than the tunes themselves!

Anyway, it had been a good 8 years or so since I had listened to this music (since one of my roommates is the one who owned the album) and it just made my week to finally own my very own copy. I figured I would just play the CD around my kids a few times -- you know, before they became familiar with any of the lyrics.

Well, on Friday afternoon as Malia was doing puzzles on the dining room floor and I was getting dinner preparations started for the company we were getting that evening, I asked Malia if we should listen to Mommy's new music. Of course she replied "Yes!" So I put Roxette in the CD player and started grooving to the music while doing my work in the kitchen.

I got a kick out of watching Malia bop along to the songs, but my jaw almost dropped to the floor when I heard her loudly sing "Hello! You fool! I love you...come on join the joyride!"

Ooops! Looks like I'm the fool for thinking it would take more than 3 times of hearing a song before my kiddos picked up on the lyrics. I'm just glad she chose those lyrics to belt out and not some of the much more inappropriate ones for a 4 year old!

Just goes to show why I'm so strict on the music they listen to in the first place.


Jo said...

Same goes in our house!
I bought that same CD before I had kids, as still have a listen every once and a while... fun memories!

Kathy and Carl said...

Crazy! We are careful about what our kids listen to, but at school when Michael Jackson died, they were playing the music. And guess what Joel was belting on the yard the next week? From then on we blasted kids praise!

andrea said...

i totally get that. but i do remember growing up to some of that whether it was country or rock...brings on some special memories each time i hear it. not that i'm encouraging does seem that the lyrics are going south more dramatically than our generation.

Jody said...

I hear ya!! The other day my 3 year old was singing a mangled version of "If you like it then you better put a ring on it"!. And that was from watching ALvin & The Chipmnunks the squequal.

Now I've been blasting the Praise music and she's singing "Blessed be Your name". Much, much better... :)