Monday, May 10, 2010

meal snack of the week: #4

I know I haven't posted 'Meal of the Week' posts recently. And it's not that I haven't had any to share -- I even have pictures of some meals just waiting in my folder. But originally I started this segment just to have something to blog about from one week to the next! But other inspiration has finally seemed to come back to me in regards to blogging, so I haven't needed to rely on these types of posts just to have something to write about.

However, I do plan on occasionally sharing recipes and ideas whether or not I have other things to blog about. And today is one of those days.

This week I am sharing with you one of mine and Malia's favorite snacks. We started this several months ago, and she asks for it on a regular basis as a special dessert after lunch.

It's simple and delicious: Spread peanut butter on top of a banana and add some chocolate chips.

Whenever I make one of these for her, I can't help but make one for me too!


Kathy and Carl said...

what a great idea! Yum. Must try these today.

LaughingLady said...

You know you could save yourself a step and provide essentially the same snack if you'd just spread Nutella on the banana, right?


LaughingLady said...

Hey, remember those awards and hoopla things from WA-A-AY back, the first year we were blogging? I tagged you for a new one today!