Tuesday, May 4, 2010

our little prayer warrier

Over the weekend Les got quite a large sliver in his hand. After a few attempts to get it out, he decided to leave it for awhile since it was pretty deep.

During his tries to rid himself of this unwanted pain in his hand, Malia decided to give it to God. She closed her eyes, bowed her head and folded her hands. And with all sincerity -- and 100% genuine faith, she began to pray out loud.

"Dear Jesus...please help Daddy to get it out of his hand. And please help him not to cry."

We sat down to supper, and every few minutes she would break into another similar -- and fervent -- prayer on her Daddy's behalf.

Partway through the meal, Les checked on his hand and lo and behold -- the sliver was making its way closer to the surface. Malia was overjoyed that her prayers were working, and this just made her pray even harder.

Before supper was over, Les had managed to do away with the chunk of wood that had started to make its home underneath his skin. Malia ran around the house, thrilled that she played a part in healing her precious Daddy. She kept saying "My praying worked! My praying worked!"

I loved watching this whole event play out, and it was really special to see that her first instinct, when her Daddy was 'in trouble' was to pray. And it was pretty cool that God chose to give her physical proof that prayer does work.


Amanda said...

That's Awesome:)

Kelly said...

That is just soooo sweet!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Love those moments!

Kathy and Carl said...

I was pretty blessed reading this post. Thank you!!!