Wednesday, May 12, 2010

they say everything eventually comes back in style

**This post has been edited. See bottom of the post for people I tagged**

Just this week I was tagged high-fived for a meme hoopla by my cousin/sister-in-law, Tammi. I thought these were next to obsolete in the blogosphere -- but just like belted shirts, harem pants and leg warmers, they are getting their second turn under the sun.

I was given a bunch of questions to answer (which Tammi was actually supposed to re-write to be questions of her choosing, but she kept the questions that were given to her....tsk, tsk!) so here it goes:

If you could go anywhere for a vacation, money no object, where would you go and why? Who would you take with you? This is really a tough question for me, since I'm not much of a traveler. My problem is the whole airplane deal; I refuse to get on one!! And before you start leaving comments about statistics and all that -- don't bother! It's a fear of mine, and fears aren't always logical. I've heard it all before and it makes no difference. And don't tell me all the things that I am missing out on by not conquering this fear, blah blah blah blah blah. Okay, now that we have that out of the way. :) So really, with that fear getting in the way, it limits the options quite a bit. I'd be happy taking the kids to Disney Land and Sea World and all that fun stuff -- but only when they're old enough that they'll have good solid memories of it all. For us, this would likely be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I'd like for them to remember it! I went on a family vacation to Disney Land when I was in grade 5 already, and I remember being there, but not a lot of details about it.

What has been your biggest challenge as an adult? My weight. I always felt like I struggled with my weight in junior high and high school already -- but not nearly to the extent that I have as an adult. It was definitely a huge challenge to overcome, but I am getting close to my goal after having already lost 57.8 pounds since last June! You can check out more details
about this adventure on my Mission: Possible blog, but here's a sneak peek of my Before and After pictures ('before' is June of last year, 'after' is just last week).

**You can click on the pictures to see them enlarged. The transformation is more obvious that way.**

What are you currently reading? What led you to that book? I am currently reading "Songs of the Humpback Whale" by Jodi Picoult. The reason I borrowed that book from my girlfriend is because I read 2 other books by Picoult that I absolutely LOVED -- "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Pact." However, this one isn't living up to those other two and I am struggling to complete it. I've made it too far to turn back though, so I'll hang in there and see how it turns out.

What is one thing you will never ever eat? Why? Well, I will be the first one to admit that I am a picky eater. Not as picky as they come -- but picky, nonetheless. So I'm sure my list of what I will never ever eat could be fairly long...but in the interest of answering the question asked (i.e. "one thing"), I will say steak that is not well done! I refuse to eat steak that is even slightly pink inside, never mind steak that actually leaves blood on the plate! Les tries to get me to try new things every once in awhile, and usually I decline -- but ocassionally I will actually humour him. More often than not, I stand by my position of not liking it, but at least I've tried it. In fact, last night (I haven't even told Les this yet -- he'll be so proud!) while out with a girlfriend, I tried sweat potato fries! Not my favorite -- I would never choose to order them over regular fries -- but I could eat them (although I did dip them in a lot of ketchup!).

It is Sunday morning, 10:00 AM. What are you doing? I'm at church, either in the middle of a Worship Team practice or visiting with a few friends while the girls are in Sunday School. I know, I know...why am I visiting instead of being in adult Sunday School? Well, currently I am involved in 2 different worship teams (which will change next month), so if I'm already busy 2 Sundays a month with practices, it makes it hard to fit in to a Sunday School class and know what's going on. At least that's my excuse -- we'll see if anything changes once I'm down to only one worship team!

Which is more important to you? A tidy home or a clean home? Is there a difference to you? Yes, there is a big difference to me between the two. Ultimately a clean home is important to me -- I just can never seem to attain it! I seem forced to be okay with tidy, even though I'd rather it be clean. For the last month or so, I have started following FLYlady which has helped me develop some new habits and routines. I don't just want my house to look clean to the naked eye (i.e. tidy)...I want it to look clean through any sort of eye! My plan is to one day be able to say that I have a CLEAN home...but for now, it's just tidy...ish.

If you were given a full-ride scholarship to the post-secondary institution of your choice, where would you go? What courses would you take? I never really had any desire to go to college or university after high school, since I never really had strong ambitions of what I wanted to do. I dabbled with thoughts of being an accountant or an interior decorator (not that I have the natural gift, but it was an interesting thought), but nothing pulled me strong enough. I suppose I would still be interested in taking courses for interior decorating just to see where it would take me. As for where -- I wouldn't have any clue.

Would you rather go to an action movie or a girly movie? I would probably say a girly movie. But it has to be a well done girly movie. Actually, earlier this spring I went to see "The Bounty Hunter" with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. This was the perfect combination of genres all rolled into one -- it had comedy, romance and action (without it being gory).

If/when you start to grow grey hair, will you wear it with pride or dye it into submission? I might not even realize if/when I start to grow grey hair, since I am constantly dyeing my hair anyway! I am a natural blonde, but over the last few years I have been dyeing my hair a darker color (Deep Spice, to be exact) and I love it. But if I didn't normally dye my hair and I saw grey hair appearing...yeah, I'd probably cover it up.

Dogs or cats? Dogs all the way! Cats actually freak me out -- at least indoor cats. If we're outdoors, I don't feel so trapped by them. But inside...let's just say that I can't make eye contact with an indoor cat and they make me feel very uncomfortable.

**Edited to add:**

Okay, I decided to not take the easy way out afterall. I will tag people AND I will make up my own questions. So this is who I am tagging:

Pam (Random Thoughts)

Pam (Can't Wait)

And here are my questions for you to answer:

1) What are the 10 things that make it into your grocery cart the most often?

2) What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

3) What is one thing that you want to accomplish before you die?

4) Do you prefer bungalows or two-storey houses? Why?

5) How often do you work out, and what sorts of work-outs do you do?

6) Are you into the whole Twilight thing? Why or why not?

7) Do you play card/board games? If so, what are your 3 favorites?

8) If you could choose a decade to be living in right now, as your present self, which one would it be?

9) Think of your best friend (not your hubby)...what is your favorite memory of the two of you?

10) Celebrity crushes: We all have them! Who are your Top 5?


LaughingLady said...

Yeah, yeah ~ I was too lazy to come up with my own questions...

...but at least I TAGGED some people!! Tsk, tsk, tsk right back atcha!!

Thanks for playing along! I got so tired of these things back when we started blogging, but it was kinda fun to do it again now after a 2-yr break!

Pam said...

hey- now I'll have something to blog about! ;) I'll get that up soon!

Leeann said...

Yay! I needed something fun to do! I've been in a slump...
I love getting to know you through these and it still shocks me how similar we are...