Sunday, May 30, 2010

third time's a charm...or not!!

It would appear that I am not very good at remembering and recognizing my blogoversary date. I got it on time the 1st year...but last year I was 4 days late. And this year? Gulp...umm, I'm about 20 days late.

I just noticed on my side bar that it's 344 until my next blogoversary. That's what tipped me off!

Anyway, even though I am late, I cannot let it go by unnoticed. The first year I had my readers email me questions about myself to answer (done in three installments; you can read them here, here and here). And the 2nd year I wrote out a 25 question quiz for my readers to answer.

So what do I do for my 3 year blogoversary? I think I might like to highlight my 10 best posts. But how do I determine what those posts are? That's where you come in. Does a post I've done stick out in your mind as most memorable? Is there one that made you laugh the most? Or maybe even make you cry a little? Or one that just made you think a little bit deeper? One that gave you a good 'awww....' moment?

I'd love to hear your favourites. You can even pick more than one! Leave me a note in the comments section, or email me ( If you can't remember, or can't find, the actual title of the post, just tell me what it was about and I'll track it down for you.

I hope to do this belated blogoversary post in a week's time, give or take. So start scrolling through the archives (if you so desire) and help me pick my Top 10 posts!


andrea said...

happy 3rd year with blogger!!! i do love reading your posts! truly inspiring!

Krista Nicole said...

I really like Malia's sauce blog post