Tuesday, June 1, 2010

change of plans

I'm re-thinking my blogoversary idea of celebrating my Top 10 posts. As there are over 700 posts to choose from, this might be a difficult task -- especially if I'm asking my readers to help me select them. I don't want this to have to be like a big homework assignment for all of you...'cause honestly, none of you are gonna do it!!

So...I have a new mission for you! The Top 10 theme is still calling out to me, so now I want you to leave a comment and ask me what my Top 10 ______ is. For example, my Top 10 favorite articles of clothing, or my Top 10 favorite TV shows. I'll gather up all of the questions and do one post with the answers in about a week or so.

See? A much simpler assignment for you. :) I'd love to be SURPRISED by the amount of participation -- in a good way!


Jamie said...

Top 10 Restaurants

PamJ said...

Top 10 GAMES
Top 10 moments with Les
Top 10 moments with me
Top 10 things you like about me
Top 10 things you want to buy me.
Is that enough ideas? Sorry I got a little conceited there ;)
Top 10 things you would do if you had a million dollars.
Top 10 places you would go if when you get brave enough to go on a plane.

Kathy and Carl said...

Top 10 Christmas Songs :)
Top 10 snacks (especially for special occasions)
Top 10 birthday party themes
Top 10 favourite items in your closet
Top 10 things to eat (and maybe you could give us recipes again?)

Amanda said...

Top 10 recipes
Top 10 Mommy/Daughter moments

Roo said...

top 10 most embarrassing moments.
top 10 moments that most made you think.
top 10 most romantic moments with your significant other.(family friendly versian)
top 10 favorite recipes (recipes included)

Sheila said...

Top 10 most embarassing moments! (I'd hope nobody could recall that many, but hey, it would sure make for a funny post to read!)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Looks like you're getting more than you bargained for here! :) So, I'll just give you one....

Top 10 Bible verses.

Sheila said...

Actually I changed my mind, I kinda felt like that could be cruel and unusual punishment for you! So I decided upon Top 10 qualities in yourself!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Top 10 pet peeves! :)

Melanie said...

Top 10 greatest days in your life

Pam said...

I know I'm a little late in posting here and it looks like you have lots of great ideas but here are a few more:

Top ten favorite execises/workouts
Top ten favorite items of clothes
Top ten movies
Top ten items you buy at grcoery store
Top ten goals to accompish
Top ten games you like to play
Top ten celebrity crushes
Top ten tv shows
Top ten memories
Top ten favorite places to shop